Robot Chicken

  1. I LOVE this show! It plays on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Seth Green is one of the creators.

    It's a series of stop-motion sketches involving Barbie dolls and action figures. It's another one of those cartoons for adults.

    Seth Green also does voices in the show, but there are so many cool guest stars, like Macauley Culkin, Mila Kunis, Seth MacFarlaine, Ashton Kutcher, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze, Rachel Leigh Cook, Breckin Meyer . . . . they do various voices in the show, so it's fun to listen to the figures' voices, and try to guess who it is. All too often, I'll be watching the credits, going, "Really? He was in that?"

    Robin: I don't believe in cheating, Batman. I believe in doing what's right.
    Batman: If you don't want a Bat *****-slap, you'll launch the bat-net and take down those cops.

    Skeletor: That was a good one!
    Lex Luthor: What was a good--? OOOHHH!
    (Skeletor laughs.)
    Cobra Commander: Oh!OOOHHHH!! It's burning my eyes! They're watering!
    Mumm-Ra: Unlock the windows!
    Skeletor: Behold, the gaseous stench of Skeletor's breakfast burrito!

    Corey Feldman: Remember me fondly... in Stand By Me... and the Lost Boys... the first half at least.... oh... and... Friday... the 13th... part...

    Aquaman:sad:feeding fish) Come and get it, little guys. Hello? I know you can hear me. I'm Aquaman.
    Superman: Trouble at home?
    Aquaman:sad:shaking fish tank) Answer me, you little *****es!

    Pat Morita: You can't enter that tournament without the proper skills, Fat One.
    Joey Fatone: ...And will you train me, Mr. Miyagi?
    Pat Morita: First of all, I'm Pat-effin'-Morita, ya nutsack. Second of all, you're too old for the training.
    Daniel-san: (enters with a plunger) So was I... if you remember.
    Pat Morita: Daniel-san! I thought I smelled failure. That toilet's not going to uplug itself!

    Announcer: Can Joey survive the tournament? Will N*Sync be avenged? Does this look infected to you? Find out next time on "Enter the Fat One!"

    William Shatner: Whew, man... it's... not easy... being William Shatner... actor, singer, rancher, all-around... macho hombre. Oh, yeah!

    (In a sketch involving the plot of the movie Se7en and The Smurfs.)
    Brainy: Your sense of humor, your total disreguard for smurf safty...
    Jokey: I've got a surprize for you!
    Brainy: What's in the bos, Jokey, What's in the box!?
    Brainy opens the box
    Brainy: SMURFETTE!!! NOOOOO!!!
    Jokey: MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
    Box explodes
    Brainy: What the $%#& is wrong with you?

    Cobra Cloner: Cloning is an intricate part of Cobra Commander's plans to take over the world, and basically-
    Cobra Soldier Clone #1: Hail Cobra
    Cobra Cloner:- Yep Hail Cobra, my job is to defrag the DNA sequencer before each cloning, and run thorugh the capacitor-
    Cobra Soldier Clone #2: Hail Cobra
    Cobra Cloner: Yeah Yeah Hail Cobra, and monitor the plasma feed. I started out in accounting, but this is alot more money and room for advancement down here
    Cobra Soldier Clone #3: Hail Nobra
    Cobra Cloner: Yeah Hail Nobra (notices a 'damaged' clone) Oh hang on a second... (Grabs an axe, and runs off.)
  2. Elroy: I've got a new dad.
    Mr. Spacely (with Jane on his lap): Go to your room, kid.
    Astro: Rey! Ret rour rands roff rer!
    Mr. Spacely: I don't know what you just said, but it sound's like something someone get's neutered for.
    (Astro lays on the floor and then wets it)

    Fred: I suggest we split up. Shaggy and Scooby, you check the campground. Velma, you check the woods. Daphne and I will check out the bunkhouse and have some of that nice sex until you get back.
    Phyillis Diller: Sex? You? With her? But with that dickey, you couldn't even bag an old bag like me! [laughs]
    Fred: It's an ascot, you old whore! An ascot!
    Phyllis Diller {punches Fred]: Well, your "ascot" laid out by this old whore, dickey.

    General: Sir, who are we going to conquer today?
    Napoleon Bonamite: Whoever i feel like conquering, Gosh!

    President Bush: Thank you for watching our latest homeland security video. We will be replacing the color-coded terrorist alert system with one that uses rubber duckies.
    (Pulls out two rubber duckies from underneath his desk)
    Quack, quack! This one symbolizes "all clear." His name is Engleburt. (begins giggling)

    Barney (the Dinosaur): I love you, you love me...
    Prostitute: Either way, it's still 50 bucks.

    Harry: What are we going to do?
    Hermione: Let’s ask Hagrid for help.
    Harry: Don’t be ridiculous, Hermione. We need to confront the terrible horror ourselves and potentially end up hospitalized, like always.

    Draco: Hey, Potter, look what I taught the Sorting Hat to do! (Places the Sorting Hat on Harry's head)
    Sorting Hat: VIRGIN!

    Ron: Harry, I'm scared!
    Harry: You're always scared, you chicken sh*t!
    Ron: I can’t help it! I’m a scared, pimple-faced, red-headed, chickensh*t virgin!

    (Man walks up to a lady in a bar)
    Man: Hey, nice shoes. Bet they'd look much better in my pants. Wait...I mean, are you from heaven? 'Cause I've got an erection.
  3. Hahaha Robot Chicken is hilarious! It's so friggin random!