Robinson wallet

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  1. For those of you that have the Robinson wallet is it normal for the sides to have this puckering? I can see its happening because of the extra bulk of the material being sewn together at that point on both sides but I just want to make sure it's normal :smile: (because I have what I like to call handbag OCD...or I guess in this case wallet OCD) :smile: thanks so much!



  2. i just checked mine & it has the same puckering so i guess it is normal. it's not that noticeable, unless i overstuff it so it forces me to keep it clutter free :smile:
  3. i am of no help on the puckering but great color!
  4. Thanks for your input :smile: I went by the store today just to make sure and they had 6 more in the pink and mine was by far the best. There was a better one in regards to puckering but it had a bad scuff. The others were worse so I kept mine and feel much better. :smile:
  5. Thank you!! I was originally gonna stick with black but I couldn't resist the pink. It's a perfect pink :smile: xo