Robinson Tote Double Zip in Hot Pink??? help!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I've been eyeing on this bag for a long time and wanted to use it as my laptop bag. The thing is i found a seller who is selling at a very good price to me and will be picking it up tomorrow.

    The thing is, i tried searching the color in the internet but couldn't seem to find this color. is the color hard to find? or past season? or maybe worse, its fake?

    Need your help ladies! TIA

    Here's the photo of the pink color i'm talking about.
  2. Hi, where do you saw this bag? If i am not wrong, there is no Hot Pink color except for Magenta color (the current season color)
  3. the seller online has this photo. and i felt doubtful about it since i couldnt find this color in the internet so here i am asking some ladies who might have answers. :smile:
  4. it's okay ladies, i decided not to buy the back as i felt skeptical about it. :smile: thanks!
  5. Hello, i do have a Robinson Double Zip tote in Magenta, the color is slightly darker as compared to the one which you have posted. Not sure if is the seller lighting etc so i could not confirm. Unless you can ask the seller to take some close up on the Zip part and interior of the bag.
  6. I asked her what color is in the bag tag and she said it's Tory Pink.. Then she said the bag does not come with the tag..

    I'm guessing this color isnt the same with yours.. As its a hot pink shade..

    Maybe its already a good thing i didnt go thru with this.. :smile:
  7. I dont think there is a Tory Pink Double zip tote except there is a wallet in this color. From the website i seen the nearest color to pink is Magenta. (Which is same as mine).

    Yeap, probably it is a good thing you didnt go ahead with the purchase :smile: