Robinson-May Closing Store Clearance!

  1. Not sure if this has been posted but I just dropped by Robinson-May store this afternoon and they are having store wide clearance up to 80% off! The sale ends this Sun since that's the day they close all Robinson-May stores. I saw a few Gucci watches for 50% off, Coach watches for 40% off and Movada watches for 20% off. Fine jewelry for 50% to 80% off. Ofcourse all sales are final! All of their clothing are about 70% to 80% off. I bought some clothes for $8-$20 each (original price between $50 to $80). So hurry over there!! :P
  2. gosh, no robinsons-may in sacramento.. argghhhh
  3. So come down here and visit us! :graucho:
  4. Are all Robinson-May stores closing?

  5. :yes: ;)
  6. Yup they clearanced out in San Diego a few months ago. I'm pretty sure Macy's bought them out!!
  7. yeah Macy's bought them out.. gosh, they r really clearing out their competition..
  8. Federated (own Bloomingdales & Macys) bought them out. The idea was that if there was a Macys AND a Rob-May in a mall, the Rob-May was closed early on. If there was only a Rob-May in the mall, they kept it around and it'll eventually be converted into a Macys. A few of the Rob-May locations, like South Coast Plaza and Fashion Valley, will be converted into Bloomingdales.
  9. ^^What are they going to do with the Rob May in Mission Valley? I think it was still open a couple of weeks ago when I was in SD. Isn't there a Macy's there too? I wonder what they'll do with it since Fashion Valley will have the Bloomies.
  10. ^^I think that Rob-May will eventually end up being closed. I haven't gone in there in awhile though.... The Macy's Home Store is at Mission Valley. So maybe for the time being that Rob-May will stay open.
  11. Ya that's what I heard too. I love Bloomies so am very excited about such change. :P
  12. fashion valley is going to have a bloomys?!! ohhhh i am SO excited. :biggrin:
  13. the sale is fun... i bought a whole bunch of beddings and towels when it got really cheap! you can find some good designer stuff if you are patient enough to look through the clearance racks. This is because they send over Macy's clearance stuff to help get rid of their stock. My BF got a bunch of Ben Sherman and I got a bunch of Penguin and Le Tigre for my bro.
  14. I'm looking forward to Bloomingdale's at South Coast Plaza! Always nice to have more choices, selection is limited at another nearby Bloomingdale's (at Fashion Island).
  15. blux, you're a Sacramenten? Yay neighbors!