Robin's Jeans Liquid (Latex) Leggings

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
  2. I personally love them.
  3. #3 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    So do i! I wish i had skinnier legs though to wear them! I thought the 2nd pair was R&R with those wings & because they actually came out with a few pairs prices at $99! I have a cheapy pair (they aren't very liquidy, more shimmery if anything) & they look pretty good! I always wear long tops with tights though (I fear camal toe!) but some people like Rihanna can pull it off by wearing them as pants with a shorter top! The R&R ones are really nice! These here are too shiny S&M like latex like. I think they would look even better if they were a bit more matte!

    Ok i added the R&R pic! This is what i mean by being more shiny but not so latex looking! Neimen Marcus website has them for $98! Sadly, thats not me in the pic LOL

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  4. Those R&Rs are nice. Yes, it looks more matte.
  5. I like them. I personally went the cheapie route and bought some at Target, but they're more shimmery. The Robin's Jeans ones are really cool.
  6. I like them. I would wear them as an outfit to go out in! :smile:

  7. they're cool, i love that they have wings on the back!!! not so sure about the studs at the bottom though......
  8. Worn the right way, I think they're very cool.
  9. I'm obviously in the minority, but I think they're a little on the trashy side :shrugs:
  10. i prefer the regular wet look leggings without the pockets and extra details.
  11. I'm sorry but these are horrible. They are so incredibly trendy that i can almost promise you will regret ever wearing these. They remind me of late 90's Britney Spears-esque inspired pants that you could find at Ross for $15.

    Honestly, really, really bad. Trashy. I am surprised at the positive responses.
  12. Trendy or trashy, to each her own.

    Don't knock what one will do that another will not.

    Having said this, let's keep this thread tactful girls.
  13. I love them. However, you can't wear them too often or with all that much. I would still go for it, even though they are $200+. I love the MEMBERSONLY leggings.
  14. These are a definite YAY for me, but not at $200. I'll stick to my liquid leggings from Bloomies for about $40.