Robin Thicke Concert in AC anyone going?

  1. I am dragging my reluctant husband to this concert at the borgata. Anyone else going??

    I told my husband he would like it but I know he is going to HATE HATE HATE it! LOL
  2. Me and my fiance went to see him when he was here. I would have rather stayed home and listened to his cd. He's just not a great live performer. He did not have that stage presence I am used to seeing. Hopefully he has improved in the last four months.

    I must say that he has a funny way of dancing around.:roflmfao:
  3. Isn't he the father from Growing Pains? I didn't know he could sing.
  4. ^ lol... no, Robin is Alan Thicke's son... Alan played the father on Growing Pains.
  5. Ahhhhhh.........thanks Siworae. My mind is old and feeble.
  6. OMG if he dances weird my husband will laugh LOUDLY. I took him to see nick lachey and he laughed the whole time.....
  7. lol^^

    Let us know how it was.
  8. Who is this guy?? I have no idea??? What kind of music is it??
  9. OMG I wish I could put the video from my camera phone on youtube so you can have a good giggle.
  10. When is it? I'll be in AC on saturday...