Robi Ludwig Earrings

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    Robi Ludwig designed a pair of earrings and I have no clue where and how to buy them.
    For those who aren't familiar, she is the psychotherapist that sometimes visit the Wendy Williams show.

    I took a pic of the ones she wore yesterday which were fabulous (I want those too).. While googling I found the pair that I absolutely love. Apparently she designs for a line called Gems en Vogue II .. but I can not find these earrings. I found these earrings attached to an article she was interviewed for but it doesn't state any specifics about them.

    Any help will be great or something extremely similiar. TIA :flowers:

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  2. These are the ones she wore yesterday

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  3. You can buy it from Before buying Earrings you have to consider some points like-What size diamonds are you looking for? What cut is best suited to you? What quality do you require? What is your price range? Where did your diamonds come from?