Robertson exclusive at Chanel NYC (57th St)

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  1. NYC gals~!! If you having dying to check out Robertson Blvd exclusive, they had a jumbo on display as of last evening. I was :nuts: myself, but a SA told me they had one transfered from LA. It was a FABULOUS bag!! Although it's silver in color, it's not exactly too bling bling kind. Ah... Only if I have any $$ left after my shopping crazes of these days~:crybaby:
  2. Hey J!

    Bellagio has this in too! I tried it on, and love it, but wonder if I can pull it off! I also wonder how many more metallics I can possibly get! I think I'm overdoing it! PLUS I need a clutch and am just about ready to pull the trigger on the Hawaii DS! Oh dear! What should I do? :shrugs:
  3. I wish I could check it out but I am on the West Coast