Roberto Coin Tiny Treasures?

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  1. My husband has offered to purchase one of these for Christmas for me. :smile:
    They have been on my wishlist for some time, but I can't choose because they are so cute.
    I would love to know what you guys have and what you think about the sparkle factor with the pendants being so small.
    Do you wear more than one at a time?
    And please share some neck shots if you have them!
  2. I don't own any of them, but I looked at them yesterday when I picked out my new Yurman pieces. They are definitely tiny, but they do sparkle nicely. Or, perhaps I should say that they sparkled nicely in the store. I would be curious to see them in natural light.
  3. I have the star. All I can say is LOVE IT :smile:
    I only have one so I wear it alone but sometimes I do stack it with other longer necklaces I own. The best thing about mine is that it has an adjustable chain. Its either 16 or 18 inch.
  4. My DH bought me the clover/shamrock last year. I love it and get tons of compliments! It is not that small though, I don't know why they consider it part of the tiny treasures group. It is very sparkly ... LOVE IT!
  5. I have the star and the peace sign. I love that they are adjustable from 16-18 inches. I tried to wear them together but the chains kept tangling and it was really annoying.
  6. I have the palm tree. I am from south florida and go to school up north, so it reminds me of home and it is a GREAT conversation starter. I can't tell you how many compliments I've received on this necklace. I also like the fact that it is an adjustable length chain - I usually wear it on the shorter one, but when I am wearing a lower v-neck, really like the ability to change. It also sparkles a lot and is great for every day. RC also does an open circle, a circle pendant (the size of a dime, and filled in, which is very penny preville and cute), and a dangling 3 circle which I also really like. My only complaint, like someone else mentioned, is that the chain is very delicate so it tangles easily. I have a knot in mine that I can't get out. I also looked at the tiffany palm, but liked this one much better.
  7. Thanks so much!

    I'm trying to decide among the star, smallest circle or the horseshoe........
    what a pleasant thing to ponder, eh?
    Thanks again!
  8. I have several (the cross, the 3 circle dangle, and the high heel). I love them all. I don't normally wear them together, but they are perfect for the days that I don't want to get dressed, but have to. KWIM??? :smile:
  9. Roberto makes lovely jewelry of very good quality. I don't think you will be disappointed even after your purchase. It will sparkle and keep a smile on your face!
  10. I just purchased the palm tree in the Bahamas!!! I love it!!! Kate Hudson wore one like it in the movie Fools Gold!
  11. I like Roberto Coin. I only have one necklace -- it's 18" with three diamond stations and the chain is the "dog bone" pattern. I wear it a lot.
  12. i just got the star one's so pretty! matches my new tattoo...
  13. i have several pieces and love them all and wear them often. how do you adjust the length of the chain?
  14. Some of the chains come with a "jump ring" so you can fasten the clasp at either of two loops. I think with Roberto Coin necklaces one jump ring is fastened at 16" on an 18" chain, so you can wear it two inches longer or shorter.

    If you buy a piece that doesn't come with a jump ring, a jeweler can add it for you very easily.
  15. Can anyone share modeling pictures of their Tiny Treasures? I am considering asking for the crab for my b-day. Has anyone seen it IRL?