Roberto coin skull necklace...

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  1. very cute!
  2. I haven't seen it in pink, but I really like it!
    There's a tiara one by RC that I really want!
  3. Haven't seen it IRL, but I do have a Roberto Coin necklace that I adore.
  4. That's really cute, I love it!
  5. I know- it's super adorable! I'm though about getting a pave heart (not Roberto Coin) but this is just more my style. I'm really into pirates this summer. I'll probably get it next week. I'm excited!
  6. i think its cute!! :graucho:
  7. Cute!! I love the whole skull trend.
  8. I absolutely love it. It's so cute.
  9. I got to try it on today in white. It was soooooo cute. I would have to wait forever to even see it in pink so I'm just going to get white. I should have it next week. YAY!!!
  10. Happy for you- enjoy it, it's cute!