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  1. Hi All,

    I came across Roberto Coin at Nordstrom and they seem to have some nice designs. There isn’t much talk on this brand here, can you tell me how the quality is/how the pieces hold up?
  2. I have two Roberto Coin necklaces and one bracelet and am very pleased with them. They are older, purchased more than 15 years ago, and still look pristine. All are weighty, with beautiful gold color and good quality diamonds. I'd feel confident buying from this brand.
  3. I am a big admirer of this brand. I have a necklace, ring and three bracelets. The quality is excellent, I’ve owned the necklace and bracelets for 10 plus years and the diamonds and gold still look great. My ring is a new design. I love the fact they are always coming up with new collections. Btw, I started a thread called “Roberto Coin Fanfare...”. Best wishes!
  4. Thank you, I will check it out!
  5. I have owned a few Roberto Coin pieces. a few dbty style bracelets and one of their gold stretchy bracelets with a diamond pave station. The dbty bracelets were nice but the bezel isn't as refined as say Tiffany or Cartier's versions- they have minute prings that hold the diamond in place breaking up the smooth bezel look. The biggest issue I've had is with the quality of the stretchy gold bracelet- the diamond pave station came off twice within a few months of purchase so I ended up returning this piece.
  6. I love Roberto Coin...his "tiny treasures" collection is very popular.
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  7. I have a Tiny Treasures diamond cross. It definitely is tiny, but pretty and of course the chain is delicate. I haven't had any issues with stones coming out or chain breaking, for example. It's a cute little necklace.
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  8. 37BA0A8A-8F7F-4A29-899B-6CCF08C62F77.jpeg I have a pendant and earrings that I think are just great quality! I wear them much more than I thought I would. They have a very nice heft and the diamonds are very sparkly. I always get compliments whereas some of my bigger “more important” pieces don’t!!
    I would definitely purchase another piece.
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  9. Beautiful pieces! The design is very cool, too.
  10. I have diamond hoop earrings and a diamond necklace. I wear them daily. The quality is great, and the best part is the tiny ruby on all the pieces is also my birthstone. :smile:
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  11. I have bezel diamond stud earrings I’ve worn for years that I absolutely love. Plus I have a Tiny Treasurer necklaces. Great wardrobe staples.
  12. I have the circle of life pendant, 3 inside out hoops, and 1 huggie hoops. All are over 10 years old. I love the hoops, however the yellow gold has been tarnishing. I’ve had it polished but it returns. You can see it in the picture. My white gold pieces doesn’t have this problem. Idk if all of his yellow gold items tarnish or not.

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  13. If you are used to Mall jewelry, (Kay’s, Jared, Helzberg) then Roberto Coin is a big step up.
    I have two Roberto Coin pieces; and they are acceptable in terms of quality. Are they the best quality pieces in my jewelry box? No. If you are looking for quality of workmanship as paramount importance, I would look at fine quality antique pieces or other designers, such as:
    Robert Procop
    Paul Morelli
    Paul Lantuch
    The reason why I have not received included Van Cleef on the list (and I love them) is that a pave diamond fell out of a ring less than one month after purchase. As I recall, I did not pay for the replacement, Neiman Marcus did. From my SA, VCA was kind of unpleasant about the situation.

    Another thing to note: truly exceptional quality workmanship costs money — more money than most people want to spend.
  14. Please show us your pieces from these brands. Would love to see what you’ve collected.
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