Roberto Coin Fanfare - Please post your pics

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  1. I imagine there are some fans and collectors out there who love Roberto Coin as much as I do. I’ll post some of my collection in the next post. Please join me.
  2. The ring is from the Sauvage Prive collection. The bracelets are from the Classica collection. Please excuse the poor photography. 08DF7D26-08C6-4F68-A345-E47ABA8D0BC0.jpeg
  3. While I don't own any Roberto Coin pieces, I love his woven stretch bracelets with the diamond bars. I love your bangles. He makes some really nice pieces!
  4. So pretty! Thanks for sharing your pic. I don’t own any pieces, yet. I did try on some bracelets recently and they were lovely!
  5. Thank so much!
  6. Thank you!
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  7. RC amethyst/diamond pendant...can be layered or stand-alone.
    Tennis neclace.jpg
  8. That is absolutely gorgeous! Your diamond necklace is beautiful, too!
  9. I forgot about this necklace. RC signature large Palm Tree...think I'll wear it today!
    RC palm necklace.jpg
  10. That’s always been one of my favorite pieces. So pretty!
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  11. ECF48EC9-5D56-4CC3-A267-7E67865D52F2.jpeg
    Here are two more Roberto Coin pieces. I wear the bracelet daily. It is 20+ years old. The necklace is about the same vintage.
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  12. Sorry for the awful vertical photo. The bracelet is white gold and diamonds and the necklace is yellow gold links with diamonds.
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  13. I am loving these Roberto Coin pieces!!
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  14. TWINS. Mine is yellow gold.
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