Roberto Coin collection - pics

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  1. I am an animal lover and I am naturally drawn to animal themed jewelry. I just bought an Hermes elephant enamel bracelet. I've looked at this Roberto Coin giraffe-print enamel bracelet for a long time. I'd love to buy it but $7,000 is really crazy to spend on this bracelet, right? I mean I could almost get a Birkin for crying out loud. Do you think this bracelet is worth $7,000? Am I missing something? I know it has the hidden rudy but still ..... what are your thoughts?

    Here are some other lovely Roberto coin pieces .....
    satin-link ring - $1,420
    flip-flop diamond necklace - $640
    pearl amore drop necklace - $740
  2. I am not really attracted to animal print, so i can not see spending that much money on that bracelet. But if it will really make you happy get it, think of all the other things you could get with the money would they make you happier? i actually have a necklace similar to the last one, except instead of a pearl its a heart but very puffy and it doesnt scream heart so it looks very similar.
  3. I have a few lovely Roberto Coin pieces, I usually take them in on trade from other Jewelers. Fortunately, I encounter them all the time.

    Kat, you're basically paying for the craftsmenship, which is fantastic. :love:
  4. That necklace is gorgeous!!

    $7,000 for a bracelet is just too insane for me. But hey, if you can spend money like an NBA star and still not break the bank, go for it!!
  5. I Love Roberto Coin! .......Such Fabulous Pieces! Some Spend $7000 On A Bag....Some On Jewelry.....& Many Other Things. It's What Is Best For You!!! :smile:
  6. I think at this point I'd much rather have a Birkin! I'll keep this bracelet on my "wish list" for now.....
  7. :blink: SO pretty. i've never heard of roberto coin to look him up! :smile:

    not crazy about the bracelet though. not my style, and DEFINATELY too much for an enamelled bangle imho...i don't care how great the craftmanship is. :smile: but different strokes for different folks, so if you love it, you should get it.
  8. This is my Roberto Coin Necklace and matching earrings.
  9. Kat ~ I Definitely Know What You Mean About The Birkin! The More I Look @ That Ring....It's So Beautiful!!! :smile:
  10. have two of my favorite RC pieces.
    As to the animal print bracelet.....if it isn't leather, and stamped Hermes...or it doesn't have diamonds...skip it.
    Buy something'll be happier. RC makes some beautiful pieces that last forever...I don't think the vracelet falls into this category.
    Ultimately, you have to decide!
  11. Very pretty, Japster! Very unique too!
  12. You're so right.:yes: I don't think the bracelet is timeless.
  13. Thanks LSE. I come across that same style frequently which was convenient when a customer of mine insisted I find it for her after she saw mine. lol.
  14. Japster Your Pieces Are Magnificent!!!

    LSE ~ You Are Too Funny!!! You Are So Right About The Hermes.....& Of Course The Diamonds!
  15. You could have some of his nice diamond pieces fro that price. I would skip it and go for some diamonds