Roberto Coin "Cento" Diamonds Anyone?

  1. Does anyone one a piece of jewelry from this line? I am debating buying myself some jewelry instead of waiting forever for DH. Saw this pair of Roberto Coin Cento cut tulip diamond studs at Saks for $7460.

    1.20 ctw

    SA told me that the prices are going to be going up by 10% in March...but I found another store online from Oregon.

    For 1.28 ctw, H-SI1, the price is $5460.

    My question is, is it worth it? Also, how would you feel about buying an expensive piece of jewelry from an online store from another state, if you were saving $2000?
  2. Those are so cute. I love how he puts the rubies on all the pieces.

    I've bought many items out of state. It saves you $ plus no sales tax!
  3. I LOVE them!!!!! Get um
  4. they seem ridiculously expensive for the carat weight.
  5. ^ I tend to agree. However, if you love the setting and idea of the hidden ruby, I doubt you'll find that anywhere else.
  6. I am still debating, especially since I agree that it's rather I went back to Saks today and compared other Cento earrings to the's are some pics.

    so the 5 stone one is FG-SI1 and 1.38ctw - $2550
    8 stone is E-VS2 and 1.97ctw - $6030

    compaired these prices to the 1.20ctw stud...which one would you buy? I was thinking, for the money, I get more diamonds, but then again, can I wear these more frequently than a classic stud? probably not...I need help! :s
    RC001025WERG5130JRD-1.jpg rc001074werf4190jrd-1.jpg rcc1-5uxp.jpg
  7. I don't have a good feel for the pricing, but I think in general Roberto Coin has a nice product. I bought a diamond pendant necklace last year and I think it was worth the price.

    The only thing I guess I have to add is that, for me, I prefer to see the diamonds in person before buying them.
  8. honestly, if you don't care about the brand, i'd have a jeweler make you a set 'inspired' by these, ruby and all. it still probably won't cost as much as buying the brand name ones.
  9. I would order some Bluenile or Whiteflash martini diamond studs instead of those. Roberto Coin is ridiculously overpriced, IMO.
  10. Oh wow it has a little ruby on the back.. that is sooo cute! i like 3 prong as well.. i say DO IT save that 2k and go to disneyland!

    VS/SI nobody will know the difference
  11. Hi, I hoped you haven't made your decision yet...Anywho, the Roberto Coin Cento Diamonds is too die for! Reason #1 to 100, it has 100 facets and the diamonds have sooo much fire. Regular diamonds only have 57 to 58 facets. That's what make a diamond beautiful and you will be admired by all women around you. The only thing they would do is stare at your earrings.

    Ok, I sound like a Roberto Coin Cento Diamond salesperson. The things is I say them in Saks last month and I can't stop thinking about them. I researched them and yes they are pricey. I called Neiman Marcus and spoke with my SA and she quoted me a price for $21,000 for 2 ctw. I almost fainted.

    If you want to buy designer diamonds that's your preference but you will not buy a Roberto Coin Cento diamond because of a ruby on the back.

    My SA at NM and Saks indicated they will work with you on the price. So ask and do your research. They also recommend their other diamonds for a fraction of the price and they too have great fire.

    Again, I don't work for Roberto Coin, Saks, NMs, or a jewelry store. I like to do my research before I buy any big ticket item and before I buy my prized at least 1.5 ctw (if its a Cento) stud earrings.

    I hope this helps.
  12. Hi!!! I worked with the Roberto Coin stuff for a while,and the quality of the stones and workmanship is exquisite!!! Does that help??xx
  13. Have you tried calling a Roberto Coin store? They may be better in price, and they may be willing to work with you on the price.