Roberto Cavalli Sunglasses?

  1. Hi... what do you guys think of THESE sunglasses and what would be the top $$$ that you'd pay for them? I think they're cute but I don't know what they're "worth"... I saw them in my local department store on sale... same ones as picture in eBay auction:

    Course, I could also buy them on eBay but I'm too scared to use eBay lately... anyway, here they are...

  2. I would have to see them on a face or IRL before making a decision.
  3. doh, well... I was just looking for gut opinions. I've never bought that brand before, either... They look sexy and very "hollywood", but also a little "boxy", if you know what I mean... thanks for the reply either way
  4. If you belong to Costco, they have Cavalli sunglasses in the optical department. I don't recall this style (it wouldn't be me) but I got a nice pair for $40.
  5. Don't buy sunnies untried! It can mess up your face seriously!
  6. It's one of those accessories that absolutely MUST be tried on, and not purchased from a picture. What if they are too wide or big for your face?
  7. Too expensive for something whose design can be seen in cheaper brands.
  8. Thanks for the input, ladies... I'll have to go back to the store and try them. I think I had my glasses on when I saw them so I couldn't adequately "try" them out... I can hardly see the mirror without my contacts in when I have sunnies on!