Roberta DiCamerino

  1. Anyone have one? Like/Love them?
  2. OMG I don't have one but love the look of these bags! I first noticed in one of my handbag books...and then actually saw a few in Barneys in Boston a month or so ago -- they just remind me of my Grandmother (not that she had one) and something so unique about them...I hope to have one someday...have you seen them IRL?
  3. I saw them when I was in Italy on my honeymoon and some NM stores carry them, but not the one in AZ(where I currently live). Forzieri (online) carries them.
    They're totally beautiful!
  4. I love the way the smaller one opens - it's so unique and sweet! That's interesting that NM carries them - I wonder if Boston does?
  5. I saw them at the NM in Short Hills NJ, but that was 5 years ago when I got married.
    I just love that they're so unique, kind of a vintage look, and I love vintage bags.
  6. They do have that air about them....

    here's a pic for anyone wondering what we're talking about!

  7. anyone know a online site that sells her clutches?
  8. I always loved this brand, but I've found it too heavy recently and sold all of mine. I think I've had 4 over the course of my existence. The ring lizard lone and the alligator one are both dynamite if you can find them. Doesn't Forzieri (sp?) carry the brand?
  9. Bumping to see if anyone else has any of these? I'm still loving and want one....
  10. I don't have any. has some nice vintage ones. That's where I first heard of Roberta DiCamerino. The stuff they write about her is quite interesting.