Robert Pattinson #3!

  1. How did you know?!

    Btw- I've suckered myself into reading 50 Shades of Grey. Another "whoa there, buddy!" type of thing! Is it just me or is the female lead very annoying?
  2. :lol::lol::lol:
  3. Hugable- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I literaly choked on my coffee from laughing so hard at that!!!! Totally insecure. She also strikes me as very needy.

    I was updating my wall calendar since it's almost July and I ripped Rob's picture!! Ugh...I will tape it back together. :p
  4. hello there since twilight i,m a big fan off rob glad too see this tread here
  5. I think Stew would be upset she's not there famewhoring it up instead. :okay:

    LOL, I've watched that clip 4X. :ninja:

    LMAO, you guys! :roflmfao: :ghi5:

    I read that she works for or is in charge of Wildfox clothing? Seems like the kind of clothing Katy would wear, though I often see Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale wearing the Wildfox brand.

    I really wouldn't put anything past Ruth. She puts the spin on anything and everything having to do w/her clients. She definitely wants her clients in the media.
  6. I have a good read on you, my friend! :graucho: ;)

    You're in it now, huh? Oh yes, definitely "whoa there, buddy" material! :shocked:

    It's totally not you. The female lead is highly annoying. Christian will also get you annoyed with his controlling, pissy nature. LOL, the book is full of various annoyances, yet I somehow managed to read the entire series. :p It got rather trying though, believe me...the author just can't get to the point and includes so much fluff. :hrmm:

    Poor Rob! I hope it wasn't a big tear. I'm jealous I can't hang a Rob calendar at my house. :pout: I have the usual dog calendar hanging up. Sigh.

    :wave: Welcome to the thread, madforalex! Should I assume your username has to do with Alexander Skarsgard? ;)

    Aw nuts, I missed seeing hot swimmers!

    But, here I am to oblige with the next round of pics! :cool: Rob, I'd like to play around with your chest hair. :girlwhack: You're totally killing me w/that mouth puckering, too! :faint:

  7. Did you get the other 2 books already, or are you starting off with the first to see how it goes before you get the rest? :snack:

    Ana is so annoying! :pullhair: The series would be better in Christian's POV, I think, just like how Midnight Sun was better than all of the Twilight books, IMO.

    :biggrin: At least it was a nice, funny start to your day! :lol: Sorry, I don't want you to spill coffee on your keyboard though..I hope it was spared. :flowers: Yes, needy! I see her grabbing onto Rob all the time (or Taylor and other people when they are around). She is the one who clings, but others do not. Very needy girl!

    I hope July's picture wasn't a super :graucho: :drool: :faint: picture. If so, that would be too bad. :shucks:

    :balloon: Hello and welcome!
  8. :yes: She is hypocritical with how she claims she doesn't want to be in the lime light, but she does things to attract attention to her all the time. :rolleyes:

    Thank you for the ID of the blonde lady. :welcome:

    Lol, the way Kristen treats the time at Cannes with yelling at her to fix her dress train..she must do a lot of things for her clients.

    :panic::whiteflag: I surrender! Take me now! :faint:
  9. Just quickly popping In on my work lunch break to say.....Ladies- you convinced me.
    I'm already halfway through 50 shades Darker. They're a strangely enjoyable read given the awkward twi references throughout, unnessesary amount of inner goddess talk, a few too many sex scenes and the not fantastic writing style! I'm also enjoying the emails they send each other- except'laters, baby' is a very lame sign off IMO! haha. Not as annoying as that darn inner goddess. That's even worse that Mr. Eternally Grumpy Grey.

    Love the b&w pictures too. Rob features look great in b&w- I think cause they're defined anyway? Mmm. Love that jaw.
  10. Well, dang, you're on book 2 already? :amazed: Book 2 contains various revelations. You should be done w/that one pretty quick, I'd imagine. :reading:

    LOL at the inner goddess'll be pleased to know you'll be seeing less of her in book 3 (well, at least that's what I noticed, personally). :smile: However, you'll probably notice more Twi stuff that's included (e.g., lots of "crooked smile" references). :push:

    Yay! Glad you're enjoying the emails! :wlae: LOL, yes, "laters baby" is cheesy! :lol: The creativity could've flowed better w/that one! :p

    Mmmm...yes, Rob does have defined features that are magnified even more so in B&W. :drool:
  11. Hi and welcome! :wave:

    *needs to stay away from the AS thread - needs to stay needs to stay away from the AS thread - needs to stay away from the AS thread - needs to stay away from the AS thread*
  12. :lol: nilla, I didn't know you were that vulnerable to AS!
  13. Ugh...I can' never get the mutli-quote thing to work anymore!!

    Hugs-At least I didn't spit my coffee on my top! Key board can be cleaned but i would hate to walk around with a big coffee stain on my shirt. Not that I haven't before!

    I taped my calendar back up, looks brand new thanks to the clear tape i found! Can hardly see it! Go me!


    WIA-Thanks for the porn. It always makes my day!! As for Ruth, she must be paid big bucks to put up with Kstew. I would have told to go check where the sun don't shine. if you know what i mean! I would NEVER let anyone speak to me like that and in public!! Respect means something to me.

    Frenchpearls-I may have to read this book now. Just cause I want to know the story. Everyone in my office is reading it too! I work with lots of crazy people not just cray cray.

    I may or may not have watched the gif too many times....
  14. LOL It's just that he kills me as Eric so I find myself checking out his thread for new pics... :sneaky:
  15. Mree43, I know the feeling of the coffee stained shirt. I am always extra careful when I am wearing more expensive tops because dry cleaning costs add up. Yes, I also feel the same. I would not put up with mistreatment from Kristen, big money percentage or not! Self-respect and respect from others go a long way for me! Hooray that your calendar is good as new again! I had a tough time even finding the Rob calendar. :tumbleweed: I was too late in securing it for myself. :sad: Make sure you stay clear of Cray Cray if you decide to read 50 Shades! I bet she will become even more cray cray with the content in there! :wacko:

    nillacobain, lol, at least you make no bones you are in it for Eric. ;) For Rob, you're in it for Rob! :yahoo:

    frenchpearls, the inner goddess..yes, she was too much and too over the top. Who talks to themselves through an inner goddess anyway? :p

    *want it all* Yes, so many crooked smiles mentioned in book 3! :cursing: I wonder if she had a checklist of Twilight words and scenarios to cover in her books. She went through and counted, and there wasn't enough crooked smiles so she piled them in 50 Shades Freed. :roflmfao: