Robert Pattinson #3!

  1. Here we are at thread #3! :woohoo:Our man, Rob, is a busy bee. :yes: He's on break for the holidays at the moment, but he will be back on the BD set afterwards, and of course he has WFE coming out April 22nd. :nuts: Bel-Ami has various release dates internationally, but we're still waiting here in the states. :shucks: Here's to a fabulous 3rd thread! :drinkup:

    I'll post a vid (yes, I know Xmas just passed, but this one includes not only Rob, but yes, you TVD fans...there's also Ian and Paul)! :wlae:

  2. And to bring some of the convo over from the last thread:

    No, Six Feet Under is no longer an active show, but it's a good one. Dark and comedic and dysfunctional. :p

    LOL, 3rd thread...lack of "action" for 3 years...coincidence? :p Maybe it's a sign that your "streak" will be broken. ;)

    Yes! Yes! The trailer was posted in thread #2, and posters in this thread are all abuzz about it! We're super thrilled that Rob got to work w/2 Oscar winners and one Oscar-nominated actor...a bunch of us have already read and loved the book! :tup: Tee-hee, and yes, doesn't he look different with some "dirt" and bronzer on him? LOL!!!!!! :amuse:

    :welcome2: to the thread!
  3. Hi Rob!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Love this video. It makes me very happy!
  5. ^ Ah, I just knew it would make you happy, admat97! ;) Nothing like some very handsome gents all compiled into one video! :love:

    I apologize, perhaps you were referring to the *new* trailer released today? :yahoo: Yes, there's a new one for WFE! More action scenes and even more tenderness/romance shown between Rob and Reese! Most of the new scenes take place in the latter part of the trailer, though if you've seen the 1st trailer as often as I have, you'll note differences in the beginning, too. :shame: Oh, and yay, it's in HD, too! :biggrin:

  6. Boo I missed the fun of celebrating, but hooray now for the third thread! :party:

    What a great video creation, and WOW to extended trailer! Can't contain my excitement for WFE! :yahoo:
  7. Geez thread #3, Rob's pretty famous around here :amuse: I really wanna see some more updates (mainly pictures) from the BD set, I haven't been keeping tabs on that like I did with Eclipse and NM. And this is a little off topic but I wanna see "Welcome to the Rileys" now! Idk when it comes out. Okay back to Rob

    Also the trailer for WFE looks amazing I can't wait to see this either
  8. ^ Hey girl, you came over again! Whee, you must have a bit of spare time now, huh? :smile:

    Re: your OT query, that stripper film bombed at the box office, but I happened to have the Amazon tab open so I did a search...looks like it'll be released 2/1.

    Meh, I haven't kept tabs on BD either, namely because it's a :tdown: book for me so I don't hold much enthusiasm for it. I can offer you a pic from set's Condon's tweet pic from the Swan household. 4 stockings by the fireplace...could it be pop, Bella, Edward, and Nessie? :thinking:

  9. Yay!!! Thread #3!! I need to find a quiet corner where I can watch that new trailer alone. I'm re-reading WFE so it's fresher on my mind, lol.

    I'm so glad to see that we have had some new porn posted. I just have to hide from hubby before I open this thread, hah.

    Hoping everyone has a wonderful New Year!! :partyhat::partyhat::party::party:
  10. OMG, my heart skipped a beat when I realized I couldn't "quote" sophiae post! Woooowwww Rob's 3rd thread!!!

    Sophiae, I saw your "location" and thought you were a fan! As WIA wrote, SFU is a great show (sadly no longer active). MCH is great as David Fisher and Frances Conroy as Ruth is amazing as well.

  11. Thank you WIA for posting the new trailer! I showed the first one to my BF (he didn't recognize Rob though... maybe it's the tan! LOL) and he said he likes it. He promise he would read the book before seeing the movie in April! What the about the international release dates?
  12. LOL I hope that streak will be broken! I've been so involved with school the past few years, that I haven't had much time. Also, it's kind of hard to know how to put myself out there, when I've never had to before, you know?

    I quoted one of my favorite songs as my location. =]

    @ Nilla and WIA - I will have to check it out. Is it available online or just through NetFlix?
  13. It is well worth it, and I hope you have gotten a chance to see it! Yes a joyous new year to all!

    6 feet under..such a terrific show! :heart:
  14. *want it all*, hugable, nillacobain, sophiae and all other posters

    Congrats on a new RPatz thread :drinkup:

    I saw WFE trailer and it looks amazing. :tup:
  15. You're welcome, nilla! :smile: LOL, that tan is throwing everyone off...I wonder if most people think of Rob as "the pale British dude with sex hair that apparently drives women wild." :lol: Ooooh, that is awesome that dbf will be reading WFE before the film! :nuts: Well, for Italy, WFE will be premiering April 29th. :yes:

    Here are the other international release dates:

    Netherlands: April 14​

    Bulgaria, Sweden, S. Africa: April 15​

    France: April 20

    UK and Finland: April 22

    Belgium: April 27​

    Poland: May 6

    Brazil: May 13 ​