Robert Marc Sunglasses

  1. Does anyone have any of these? How is the quality? I saw a woman on the street today with a pair on and they looked really nice.
  2. Robert Marc is a very high-end line of eyewear. I believe he started as an optician and then developed his line of frames for regular and sunglasses. All of his frames feature a sterling silver hinge on the temple.

    I just bought a new pair of prescription sunglasses at a very hip eyeglass place in Western NY. I was deciding between a pair of Robert Marcs and a pair from another designer. (Shoot... can't think of the name...) Anyway, the assistant told me that RM is "very New York" while the other one (which was more golden-tone) was "more LA." I went with the Robert Marc. They're BIG, with dark tortoise on the exterior of the frame and they're lined on the inside in pale pink. So pretty!

    These may be them...