Robert Clergerie

  1. Right now I'm going through a funky, comfy shoe phase. His shoes look pretty comfortable. Just not sure how his sizes run... Any input? And are the shoes comfy?!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. My experience is that they run slightly large. I'm between 5.5 and 6 and with Clergerie am usually a 5.5. The ones I have are comfy enough, but I wouldn't consider them walking shoes (I have a few summer slides with kitten heels).
  3. I love Clergerie shoes. Not many people I know have them and they are always kind of funky looking.

    I am a 6.5 or 7 and that is what I take in those shoes.

    Do you have a pic?
  4. I really like these:


    OR these:

  5. I have the second pair in forest green. They are very comfortable.

    Where did you get the pics?

    I will attach a pic of mine.
  6. These are pics of my other Clergeries.

    The brown skins next to the Manolo skimmers.

    The other pic is prada platforms, Clergerie clogs (comfy shoe ever!) and Clergerie black suede loafers that I've worn more times than I can count.
    CIMG0012s.jpg CIMG0011s.jpg
  7. I had a pair of royal blue clergerie wedges and they were sooo funky.. but the way they were made (narrow sole getting wider at the top kinda like this \_/ ) It was hard for me to walk in on the f'd up pavement in NYC. Anyways, the sandals you posted definitely look comfy though!
  8. I got these photos from couture section. I'm really tempted to get the sandals. I think they'd be fun for summer and comfy!
  9. I know what you mean about that sole shape... I saw a pair of Kate Spades that were cute, but just walking in the store's tile floor, I was kinda wobbly!
  10. OK, I measured my green ones and they measure 9 3/4 " along the foot bed. This is on the top of the sole, not the bottom.

    The bottom is tough to get a feel for because the heel is angled in.

    I took a 7 in those and I would say I definitely needed a 7. The suede I have in a 6.5 The clogs in a 6.

    I also have suede boots which I will post and they are a 6. I LOVE those boots but they were quite expensive.

    It is a tough call. I usually take a 7 in sandals and a 6.5 in loafers or closed shoes. It seems like my foot spreads out a little in flat open sandals. Also, the sole is more like a plastic so you won't get any give or stretch there.
  11. Thanks for the measurements and the tips! I think I should definitely go for an 8 with Clergeries. I'm normally a straight 8, occassionally an 8.5. So I doubt I could go down a half size.