Robert Clergerie Sizing?

  1. I have the curious pleasure of owning two differently-sized feet; what's more, the larger foot is right between an 8 & an 8.5, and both feet are super narrow. Getting the idea that I can never find shoes? You'd be right.

    I'm going to Rome in about three weeks, and am trying to find a comfortable yet stylish shoe appropriate for cobblestone streets and lots of walking. I like that the Robert Clergerie "Rami" has some lift and reads like a high heel even though it's essentially a flat platform (flatform?). Does anyone have any experience with this style (appropriate for walking? comfortable?), and moreover, does it run true or large? No one local carries the shoe, so I'm forced to order online and would appreciate any help anyone can give.

    Here's a link to the shoe:
    Robert Clergerie Rami (Black Stretch) - Robert Clergerie Women's Collection

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I m an 8 1/2 normally..I have 3 pairs of his shoes and they are all 8 1/2..they are true to size for me..My left foot is bigger too...and this fits fine!
  3. I love clergerie. I have about 5 or 6 pairs and a couple pair of boots too! Those platform soles look like the same ones that are on the River style. They are fairly comfortable but my most comfortable are a pair of suede loafers and the sole of that one looks like the style Moreo.

    Clergeries always run true to size for me. I have the Uski's in black the Usketties in brown suede, two pair of loafers, the Rivers and three pair of boots.

    The Uski clogs are amazingly comfortable and easy to walk in. I'm 5'4" and I'm always looking for a bit of height.

    Give them a try - you won't be sorry with Clergerie.