robert clergerie question

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  1. his classic iconic sandal sole that sort of engulfs the whole foot - is that flexible? comfortable to walk in?
  2. sort of like these - does anyone have any experience?
    robert clergerie.jpg
  3. They are comfy....
  4. oh great. thanks.
  5. Not really bendy but I find all of his shoes to be extremely comfortable to walk in. I probably have 5 pairs of Clergerie shoes and love them all.
  6. i have 2 pairs of robert clegerie shoes and they have lasted me years and are very comfortable to walk in. Only thing to say is that one of them is leather tanned with a vegetable dye (like mulberry bags!) and when it rained i had lots of water spot marks all over them. Thankfully it just looks like the leather has aged but i would have sprayed it with waterproofing spray if i had known.
  7. not bendy you say? hmmm, i just ordered a pair of sandals from Bergdorfs

    for just when i want to be super casual. i wonder if the not bending thing will cause the sandals to fall apart - i mean i can imagine the straps pulling out of the sole. they looked so nice and comfortable...

  8. oh interesting. sandals or regular shoes? lasted years? that's always nice to hear.
    anyone else a fan of stephane kelian as well?