Robbery at my old outlet store

  1. Some of you probably know that I used to work for a Coach outlet. I was hired to work Black Friday originally, but they ended up calling me in a few days before to help with processing the stock, and they liked me so well they kept me on until I had to move at the end of last year.

    I worked at the store in Carlsbad Premium Outlets in Southern California. I loved working there. It was like a dream job. Everybody liked me and was nice, we were all able to joke with one another, and it was so awesome getting to unwrap gorgeous Coach bags all day. Every day was like Christmas! Of course, I ended up spending all my paychecks on Coach product, but I was okay with that. *L* When I had to leave to move to Texas, everybody tried to convince me to stay in SoCal and keep working for them. And I really wished that I could.

    So you can imagine my horror when I talked to my mom today and she told me that she read in the paper that 4 women robbed my old store!! She cut the article out of the paper for me so I could read it, but I don't have it yet. Basically though, 4 women robbed a couple outlet stores, including mine. They took about 15 handbags and do you know what weapon they used??


    Freakin' Mace!

    I just don't understand. They didn't use guns, or knives, they just left one woman at the door, another in a getaway car, and the others walked up to cashwrap and held them hostage with mace while they stole bags!

    How does this happen?? I don't know Coach's policy against robbery. I was never formally trained and never went through any of the classes and whatnot that the SA's need to go through. I just worked in the stock room processing bags and putting them away on the gurneys *sp*.

    With as many people as I know would have been working that day, and with the guys who worked stockroom with me, I know they could have scared off 4 stupid women with just mace!

    That makes me sad. I'm so glad nobody got hurt. It makes me angry that those women got away with it, at least for now. Apparently they robbed another store and then a grocery store that same day (or in a close time period to that).

    I don't know why I felt the need to start a whole thread about this, but it just bummed me out.

  2. :wtf: Mace wouldn't have stopped me. I'd have closed my eyes and lunged over the cashwrap at those *****ezzzz. :cursing: *rawr* That's TERRIBLE.
  3. That's what I thought!! I mean Mace? Come on! Everybody could SO have taken those women down. Especially if there were customers in there, they could have helped. Mom didn't tell me what time the robbery happened, so I don't know how busy they were at the time. It's just insane to me that this happened.
  4. OMG :wtf: :nuts: ! I mean, I have to admit that I have thought about it -- all those great bags and so little money (for about 30 seconds, because can't use great bags in prison :p ). But MACE -- I was thinking machine guns so that I could keep the rabid hands off the bags that I wanted. SO crazy, glad that you weren't there though.
  5. That is totally nuts. I have never heard of some like that hapenning. Gosh people will do anything to make money these days. I wouldn't be suprised if those bags ended up on e-bay.
  6. That's crazy...mace, huh? I'm w/ dorcell, those bags will probably end up on eBay or sold dirt cheap on the street, kwim?
  7. could all of those people let 4 measly woman do that?! Thats insane. Im glad nobody was hurt. But come on now! Letting MACE stop you from whoopin up on someone?! haha I would have had those woman in a head lock lmao. Whats the worst that could happen? Youg et MACED? lol Im sorry...thats just unreal.
  8. Here's the thing though... if they had mace they could have had other weapons, not to say someone shouldn't have tried to intervene, but its just good everyone is okay...

    That being said... 15 purses??? and a grocery store?? These women must not be very smart... because the profit on 15 purses split 4 ways IS NOT going to be much... Uh, seriously... It is almost like one of those intentional imprisonment cases....

  9. My thoughts exactly.....
  10. Shocking O.o
  11. Ummmm, have you ever been sprayed with mace? pretty rough. (even if you close your eyes!)
    I'm going to go against the common feeling here, but if someone was holding mace to my face and told me not to move, I'd chill. Unless I had to defend my family, my own property, etc.,(in that case, I'd take a bullet), I wouldn't have done anything. Nobody got hurt, right? Best keep it that way.
    If you have asthma, that sh&$ will hospitalize you! It takes literally hours for the pain to go away.
    I hope they catch those dirty b&%$#.....
  12. I wouldn't take the mace thing too lightly, I wouldn't want to endure being sprayed with it. Plus like someone pointed out, you never know what else they may have. Thats too bad.
  13. when the coach store opened here (in a really nice outdoor shopping center), it opened with a whole new section of stores, maybe like 40 new stores and restaurants. Like 2 days before they actually opened, some people smashed all the windows and stole almost every bag in the store overnight. Not a good way to start a new store.
  14. I don't know about coaches policy against robbers but it's probably just like every other retail store and that is DO NOT put up a fight, just stay calm and give them what they want.
  15. I'm sure. I was in Kohls one time and two guys ran in, grabbed a whole rack of leather jackets, and ran back out to a waiting car, and the employees at the registers just let them do it. The one employee told me they are told to do absolutely nothing because it risks their lives.