Rob Lowe's Former Nanny, Demands $1.5 Million In Hush Money

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  1. Rob Lowe has taken his battle against his former nanny from the internet to the courtroom --[​IMG]
    , filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Lowe and wife Sheryl claim former employee Laura Boyce violated a strict confidentiality agreement and spread "malicious lies" about their family, a "betrayal [that] reaches far beyond possibly marring the Lowe's image in the public eye." (Hmmm, what about that little thing in 1988?).

    Rob and Sheryl say Boyce worked for them for a little over a year, and became very close to the family -- even going with them on vacations. Then suddenly, last November, they say Boyce was a no-show, and didn't respond to repeated calls and messages from the family, who were worried about her whereabouts. It was only after a missing person's report was filed, the suit alleges, that Boyce contacted them to say she wouldn't be coming back to work.

    Since then, the Lowes say they've gotten wind of what they say are serious lies spread by Boyce. In his post today, Lowe claims that she demanded $1.5 million in hush money, otherwise she was going to go public with her claims.
  2. I'm sorry, but unless it's seriously criminal, like drugs or abuse, celeb's employees need to keep their pieholes shut!
    These people are gross IMO, getting a job for a high profile family only to leave and get $ to blab.
  3. ^^ exactly. Its really disgusting. and scary, you cant even trust your employees for privacy. Some people will do anything for money
  4. That's low!
  5. I completely agree with you. It's a serious breach of integrity IMO.
  6. Wait, you mean Rob Lowe might sleep around? I certainly had no idea! Oh yeah, except for that little matter with the teenaged girls and the videotape at the Democratic convention (am I the only one old enough to remember that? LOL)

    Anyhoo, my point is, I'm not sure his reputation is so squeaky clean that it would even be a huge deal whatever she said, but it's still very tacky of her to violate the agreement. (and actionable! She better think about her bank account before shooting off her mouth again!)
  7. this is sick, good luck to him and his family!
  8. tsk tsk... obviously him and his family were concerned enough to file a missing person.. and then the nanny has the nerves to demand money to keep her mouth shut??

  9. she only worked for him for a year. . . it's not even when his infidelities were public.
  10. I saw that he is releasing emails and such to put it all out there. I guess the nanny's plans to get rich quick are thwarted now.
  11. these people are so calculating, they look for celeb families to dish the dirt on imo. Hopefully, in future, when these so called nannys sign a confidentiality agreement, it stays just that!

    its horrid that if you are famous, you cannot really trust anybody.