Rob Kardashian

  1. I did see that on twitter too. I think Rob was talking out loud about what he wants to do. He probably should have kept it to himself. He put the school in a sticky situation. I hope this doesn't hurt his future chances.
  2. Too bad he can't just be happy sitting around doing nothing. He is obviously an "actor." He has to get paid pretty well to appear on KUWTK. He should just be smart with his money he makes off that.
  3. Totally agree with you
  4. I'm annoyed that Rob isn't putting his degree to use, hell he never even tried.
  5. A Kardashian lying? Nah...
  6. How dumb is Rob? I guess he didn't learn his lesson after getting Adrienne's name tatt'd on his torso
  7. ^Those tattoos aren't real. They look drawn on.
  8. I truly hope he's right about neiman Marcus. I'd hate for NM to tweet the opposite, like USC Law School..
  9. Oh she said in some interview they weren't serious, so they just nonpermanent ink knuckle buddies.
  10. Rob Kardashian ‏@RobKardashian
    Excited I get to go to the Philippines for the first time for Philippine Fashion Week with @human_genes and of course @KylieJenner!
  11. so he's getting paid by dentyne now?