Rob Kardashian

  2. Isn't he dating Angela Simmons? Must be a trip to date someone who comes from a very religious family when your family is everything but.
  3. Oh no you didn't just start a thread for Rob. You didn't. This cannot be happening.
  4. lol @ a thread for Rob. I heard he and Angela broke up.
  5. :lol: @ the creation of this thread.

    You know how there is a list for all things Kim and Khloe endorsed? We can start one for Rob, but this would be about how many people he mooched

    Kris/ Bruce Jenner
    Kim Kardashian
    Khloe/ Lamar Odom


  6. :roflmfao::lolots::happydance: oh br you made my day!!! classic!!
  7. oh man- Rob finally got a thread. I bet her felt left out, especially since he isn't getting paid like his sisters. Afterall, he is living w/ Khlomar.
  8. Living with them, bringing chicks to their bed, showering in their bathroom...
  9. Here I am tagging along with my sister Khloe and her friend on her romantic vacation with Lamar, I took some steamy pics of them in the pool but Khloe got mad and banished me to the restaurant:

    And here I am on that same vacation inexplicably dining with a topless man who is touching my shoulder. All I could think was I wonder what Khloe and Lamar are doing right now, maybe I should go up to their room and see:

    Here's a topless pic of me that Khloe took and posted on her blog. We have such a great brother-sister relationship:

    And here I am out to dinner with my sisters and their spouses. They love when I tag along. Scott even let me borrow his cardigan:

    Come again?

    You don't say...

    ETA: I knew you wouldn't let me down, babypie.
  11. :lol: @ Scott let me borrow his cardigan
  12. BR, aren't you like 17 years old?? You're supposed to be innocent! Smash Rob Kardashian...psh!

  13. Didnt he try and rap? In between developing that miraculous skin care of course.
  14. @ babypie

    I love your commentaries
  15. singer???
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