Rob & Big


Nov 8, 2006
Anyone else watch this show? I love it! They are so hilarious! I'm glad it's back for a second season, with new addition Mini Horse! LOL!


Oct 12, 2006
LOL, I just discovered this wonderful show and was THIS MINUTE going to start a thread for it! I'm so glad somebody already started one, I will just post what I was going to say here:

Rob and Big are two Southern guys living in Los Angeles. They have a mini-horse. When Rob's portable time machine fails to transport Big to 1972, and the owner won't help them because he does not like to talk to aliens, the boys go to Montreal to meet with a portable time machine expert Rob found on the internet. They think the problem may be due to Big's 385 lb weight, but even with the expert, and a using a different portable time machine, neither of the boys are able to transcend the time-space continuum, and so they return to LA, where Big surprises Rob with a mural of the two of them, their bulldog Meaty, and the mini-horse he has commissioned for the mini-horse trailer. In the mural, the mini-horse is a large unicorn, and Rob, who is very slender, has lots of muscles, as does Big, including some seldom-seen ones that Big explains are called "riblets."

If, like me, you have a tendency to overthink and try to analyze reality shows like The Hills, The Bachelor, and even the Girls Next Door, this show is like a breath of fresh air.

It defies all thought and analysis, and it doesn't need any. It's just a glimpse into the lives of a couple of ordinary Los Angelinos, a bulldog named Meaty, and a mini-horse whose name is Mini-Horse.


Dec 23, 2006
Los Angeles
OMG..was anyone dying of laughter during the episode when Rob had that time machine? That was one of the funniest episodes ever! LOL I love this show!!


Jan 25, 2007
Los Angeles, CA
I :heart: this show....I was so excited to hear that they were coming back with a 2nd season!!

Rob & Big are awesome, and Meaty and Mini are sooo cute! He really loves them.
May 18, 2006
Glad to see this thread, I think this show is just hilarious..those guys are so adorable..they seem sweet and really care about each other..and let us not forget gopher boy cousin Drama...
Love Meaty and Mini Horse too...there was an article in Newsweek a week ago or so about this show and how popular it is..they intereviewed Rob...cute story..


Pit Bulls are Love!
Mar 23, 2007
New England
I am in absolute L-O-V-E w/ this show! DH is too! I am soooo glad they are back for a second season!

"Ebony & Ivory....."

And meaty & Mini Horse so huggable! When Mini H. was jumping on Big Black in the back of the car & then pooped! OMG I was killing myself laughing!