Rob & Big, "Skateboarding bulldog"

  1. Hi:nuts:
    Did you guys watch Rob & Big?
    Ep1 they went to get a CUTE bulldog...
    Ep2 they met a skateboarding bulldog "Tyson"...
    They just made me want a bulldog now, RIGHT NOW!!!!!
    I didn't like bulldog before at all...but now I want one so bad.
    Please check Rob&Big to see more info. of the show
    and check Tyson to see the amazing skateboarding bulldog.
    You will like it too!!!!!:yes:
  2. I know what you mean! Both of those bulldogs are so adorable!

    I love the show!
  3. i've been watching and so has my DH and after watching both episodes we want a bulldog also. meaty is soo cute, especially in the first episode when he was still a puppy and how he ran straight to rob as if he knew him. i really like this show, my DH told me that he owns DC shoes, i thought that he was sponsored by them. but i really like the fact that he seems to be down to earth and still humble at the same time.
  4. I think the funniest part is when Big accidentally kicked Meaty when they're boarding the plane. And yes.... I want a bulldog really bad. Too bad, my apartment doesn't allow any pets.
  5. Am I the only one that finds Rob attractive ?! haha !
  6. i adore bulldogs! that's my english bull, cassie mae, in my avatar. they're the most wonderful dogs - loyal, playful, protective, and cuddly!

    i also like that show, my 6'5" 280 lbs boyfriend says it reminds him of him and his friend vijay, who is kinda little and wants to be a rapper.
  7. Amanda...Meaty has bad smell even after your dog have same problem? Will you teach yours skateboarding????

    Anyways, the portrait they did in the show was so awesome...Meaty looked very cute and handsome.
  8. lol she can be a tad stinky at times, but she's usually not that bad and she doesn't make the house smell like dog or anything.

    and i don't think our pretty girl is coordinated enough to skateboard, but i love tyson the skateboarding bulldog! martha stewart had an episode of her show dedicated to bulldogs (everyone in the audience brought theirs!) and they had tyson on. it was adorable!
  9. I kept replaying that video from youtube over and over again at work a couple weeks ago.. the normally stuffy girls that work there were cracking up so hard from that adorable dog riding his board.
  10. yay meaty knows how to skate now and i'm so thrilled that he is ok.
  11. Meaty is such a perfect name. He's so cute. The show is so staged though...Tyson is apparently like a world-famous bulldog. I haven't actually seen the episode, but there's no way they just ran into him. Maybe it was planned in the show though so I don't know for sure.
  12. Meaty is soooo cute! I'm trying to get my 3 pugs to skate but they think I'm nuts.
  13. I think you can make it...don't give it up...see Meaty wasn't like to skateboard at all, but now he starts to learn it. Good boy!!!
  14. I think it is so cute that Rob and Big love their dog so much:smile:

    They seem like a blast to hang out with!!
  15. I think my brother knew (knows?) one of them..I don't know for sure though.