ROAK reveal!!!

  1. As you get your goodies from your ROAK buddy, post them here for us to oggle over! :heart:

    Many thanks to kallison for arranging all this for us!!
  2. Please, what is ROAK?
  3. Its Random Act Of Kindness! You had to sign up with the Kallison. The idea is to send someone something that will cheer them up. They are 2 dates to give or send the gifts, and there is a money limit.
  4. Yup, exactly what impsola said. We are all still clamoring about and buying/shipping our items still, but within the next two weeks we should have some verrrrry happy PFers!
  5. oooh...we have two threads of this right now.

    oh well.
  6. i guess we should make the other thread "official" since a few raokers have already posted their gifts?
  7. Is there a mod that can merge them for us? Then we only have one!
  8. ^pm'ing a mod now!