Roady Stringray/Ostrich Handle Prices

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  1. Hi ladies! I really want to order a patent black roady but I want to get a few handles for it. Does anyone know how much the stingray and ostrich handles cost? I live pretty close to NYC so I could get to the store to change up the handles. thanks so much :smile:
  2. I want to know too! Love the idea of changing out the handle.
  3. Ehmmm so any word? Can we change the handles ourselves, or does it have to be done at a store?
  4. Hi Everyone.. The stingray handle was $350. I hope this helps!
  5. Thanks bex! How do you get it changed? Do you do it on your own, does it come with DIY instructions, or can it only be done in a store?
  6. I have no idea :P

  7. It has to be done at a YSL store --
    when I bought my Navy Roady from Nordstroms, the sealant on the handle was cracked and I thought it would be simple to buy a new handle from YSL and just replace it myself, but I found out you have to bring the bag to a YSL store and they need to use this special tool to switch out the handles. It looks like it would be simple to remove the strap, but apparently it's not (I tried to see if I could unhook it, and it was impossible to do)
  8. Is there a time limit to get the handles changed (i.e. is it a limited edition thing), or do you think I can still do it when I head to NY in December?