road trip


Jul 26, 2007
Honestly, I am having the same issue. I am leaving next month and I cannot stop thinking about what bag to take. I *think* I have decided to take my HS tote. Mainly for the reason the above poster mentioned. Plus, it is a tough bag that can be cleaned easily. I am always afraid of someone ruing my bags while on vacay. Mainly because I am always getting bumped into, etc.
Good luck with your decision. They all are nice bags so any one of them would do.


Dec 28, 2007
My vote goes for the HS satchel. It's not a high maintenance bag, so you won't be worrying about it as much as your other bags. If it gets dirty, it's easy to clean. If it rains, it easily wipes dry. It's a great size and should be large enough to carry everything you need. I'm going on a trip in June and I've already decided that I'll either take my HS satchel or hobo.