Road Trip! Palm Beach County Chanel Get-together

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  1. HI, let's plan a Palm Beach County Chanel meet! Gardens Mall or Worth Ave ? I love the idea of Gardens because Worth Avenue has a certain snob thing going on which is not in keeping with sweet, down-to-earth us!!

    please put down what day and time is best..............unfortunately i work weekends so if that's the best day for the majority, i will have to video myself in LOL

    :girlsigh: :flowers:

    PS ok, you Dade and Broward County ladies can come too!!
  2. Yes, count me in!!
    The Gardens Mall would be perfect--a nice atmosphere for a 1st meeting!
    How about a friday? 11 am? We could visit the boutique then lunch or vice versa.
  3. a friday at 11 am is PERFECT!!!!! omg
    i will make sure Maxaluna can be there......

    which fri??? how bout March 2?????:smile:
  4. A week from Friday--sounds good to me!
  5. Claudia
    I wish I lived near I would go for sure..... :sad:
    Just remember me when you girls are having a fab time!!!
    Oh wait I know...
    Since I can't join you all, each one just chip in and have a Chanel handbag shipped to me!!!!:yes: LOL Have Fun!!
  6. Now Penny darlin, you own your own business! there is no boss to tell you that you can't take off a day or 2! would LOVE to meet you! omg we would have such fun

    and yes,,,,,,will chip in for you!! (notice i am promising donations from PFer who havent even rsvp'd yet :roflmfao: )
    which purse do you want??!!

    ohhhhhhhhhhh be sure and tell us about your baby animal which you said will arrive on Tues? i cant wait to hear!

    (i am going to pick up mine tomorrow ::mysterious smile:: lol)
  7. wish I could go too...i would def. be up for it!!...*cries*
  8. Well yes, you are right I am my own boss, but I don't know how I will explain to my clients that their tax returns will be delayed a couple of days since I am going on a Chanel Road Trip!!!:roflmfao:

    As for which purse I would like for all of the attendees to purchase for me, just send the P-B Alligator bag-- lets see $43000.00 divided by, uh how many do think will attend?:p

    You will be getting your Baby Animals bag first, now that is very fitting, you fell in love with it first!!! Let us know what you think about it, like you haven't already started "ump-teen" threads on it!:roflmfao:
  9. LOL LOL
    alligator bag? why not a frickin Chanel Jet Lear bag, while you're at it!!! or a bag made of De Beers diamonds :yahoo:

    you're so cute!

    and yes i shall relay story of animal, tomorrow

    and am setting up appointment with the computer-and-photographic-literate daughter of Gayle for posting picture lessons, this week if she can do it :shame:
  10. I want to go to !!!
    I can't do 11:00 though (I teach water aerobics from 10:30 to 11:30) but it's only about 10 minutes away from the Gardens Mall.....

    I could meet you all after you do lunch ???

    Also my Mom is coming to visit me from NY so I'll drag her along ! LOL !
  11. ^^ Oh, yay! Definitely come! We could shop until 12 if you want to meet us for lunch!
  12. Oh you all are killing me here --- I want to go so badly!!!!
    Maybe next time:sad:
    I am so happy for you girls who get to do this!!!
    As far as I can tell I am the only person on tPF who lives in Alabama--???
    The group that went to SHM with Stacey seemed to have a great time.
    The group thing is really cool~!
  13. ^^^ Oh Pennnnnnny.......didn't you JUST get that UNBELIEVBALE J12 and "no words good enough to even describe" diamond ring for Valentine's Day ?????

    NO MORE SHOPPING FOR YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :p
  14. Cassidy for sure come! we will wait for you!
    Petunia, where should we go for lunch???
    is there a Cheesecake Factory or a Grand Luxe up there?

    so far we have
    and you!! :jammin:

    c'mom....more ladies!
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