Road Trip from MA to Toronto

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  1. I am planning a road trip with the FAM this weekend during Spring Break and plan to visit as many Coach Outlets as I can [on a hunt for a Large Camel Patent Sabrina] in between Boston MA and Toronto, Cananda.

    May I get suggestions from you ladies on which outlets I should visit? We usually drive through NY so I think I may stop in Waterloo but I think that's the only one that I see off the highway. I am willing to take a detour [if DH allows] if there are other outlets in the area that I should be aware of!

  2. That sounds like the best road trip EVER!! I hear the one in Wrentham MA usually has good stuff, based on the posts in the outlet threads.

    Wait, nevermind, I just saw in another thread that you don't like that one.
  3. I use to live in Waltham, MA, and have driven to Canada many times. These are the outlets along the way:

    Wrentham, Ma: I-90W to I-495S, Exit 15,

    Lee, Ma: I-90W, Exit 2

    Waterloo: I-90W, Exit 41, right onto Route 414 South, right onto Route 318 West

    Niagara Falls, NY: I-90W, merge onto I-290W, Exit 50 (Niagara Falls), take I-190N, Exit 23, south then make a left onto Factory Outlet Boulevard.

    I'm not sure which bridge you are planning on crossing so here's the address to the Canadian outlet. Type it into your GPS once you cross over.
    Niagara Falls, ON: Canada One Factory Outlets, 7500 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON

    Hope this helps.
  4. Awesome info! Thanks so much. I will post my finds and tell everyone of updates soon. Saturday morning at the break of dawn, can't wait!
  5. ^Looking forward to your updates, it's about 9hrs to get to Toronto (not including stops).