Road to a rockin' raspberry reveal plus...

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  1. A recent raspberry Florentine thread and all its gorgeous pictures had me obsessed. Some ebay stalking led me to what arrived today. Thankfully I don't work Fridays in summer so I was here to greet her. When I heard the mailman, I was ready to answer the knock and sign, shoes on (he always knocks on my side garage door) and trying to not get caught hovering by the window. Color me shocked when he didn't come to the door!

    I went out to find he had crammed the box in my mailbox. It was so bad I almost fell once I priced it out and, after making sure there were no witnesses to my graceless moment, I actually checked to see if the mailbox was cracked because it was that wedged. I really hadn't been sure I could get it out.

    Upon opening the box I was happy with the beautiful raspberry color and that she was smooth, but she was really floppy. I don't know how a small bag can be this floppy, but she is a puddle. In a bigger bag I'd hate it, but it shouldn't be too bad with the mini. She was also dry at the side creases. Given that and that conditioning my new to me black flo crisped it up, I broke out the Apple after giving her interior a light vacuuming to get rid of some minor debris.

    Here she is all soft
    purse one.JPG

    She had a mark near the buckle that I guess was part of the "minor signs of wear".


    back view

    It kind of looks like someone treated corner rubs which would not make her in EUC. I tested them and it didn't come off and there's no abrasion to the leather though.

  2. Normally I go with the restorationist's "live with it before altering it" mantra but I needed something to do while watching Giada make things on TV I'll never master.

    Here she is unstuffed after one round of Apple. I think she seems a little firmer.

    There is a big improvement in the spot.

    Front and then back view of her stuffed. Then I went to stuff myself with lunch.


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  3. After lunch I checked her and found the side creases still felt dry. So watching something about ghosts, I gave her round two of Apple.

    Unstuffed she's still floppy. Less, I think, than when she arrived, but she'll never stand alone. I still like her though.

    The spot is virtually gone!


    Here she is all stuffed to make sure she keeps her shape if there's any drying to do. Right now I have her in the living room with a remote holding her smile in place :smile:


    End result is that I'm happy with my purchase. I may have overpaid a little, but considering she is an often HTF size on ebay (mini) and in a discontinued color, I'm not going to complain.
  4. I didn't want to do 2 threads on my minor restoration projects, but since I gave my small black flo satchel a second coat after a week of debating, I wanted to share the progress she made.

    This is her on arrival. Perfectly acceptable, but not as black as I expected and her bottom caved in even stuffed really full by the seller. And her smile was crooked.

    Here she is after one round of Apple. She is glossier, blacker and her bottom firmed up. The whole back feels smooth and crisp, but her side creases still felt somewhat dry.

    one coat.JPG

    Second coat of Apple and I'm thrilled! She feels hydrated, firm and buttery to the touch.
    two coats.JPG
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  5. Very nice and it does look smooth! Some work with the conditioner should help as well. You may be able to fix the mark by the buckle if you find a Sharpie close to the color. I have not done this on Florentine but on other bags. I will put the color on my finger and then rub it into the mark on the bag carefully. It seems to help camouflage the marks rather well. Interesting that the whip stitching is also raspberry. I have only seen brown. The overall raspberry color is beautiful. Glad you fulfilled your quest for Raspberry!
  6. LOVE your new bag, and the sweet story of her revival!! So glad you decided to keep her :heart:
  7. Both bags are gorgeous! Congrats and good job on the "restoration!"
  8. Thanks for the tip with the Sharpie. I'll see how I feel in a few days about the spot. She has a leather key holder so she is older, I didn't know of that explained the raspberry whipstitching or if maybe they went tone on tone for the mini???
  9. Looks like my post hit before you posted your restoration. You did great! The mark is virtually undetectable. Yeah, beats me about the whip stitching color but I have seen brown and black used on the black flo satchels as well. Who knows....maybe different lots or production years get a tweak.
  10. Thank you.

    Thanks. My hat is off to the ladies who turn really beat up bags into gems, but I can handle some buffing.

    Did you keep yours? This morning ILD had the medium in raspberry again.
  11. Both of your bags are so pretty. :smile:
    A purse organizer can help if it it too soft.
  12. Love the raspberry
  13. aerinha; great job. I love the 'after' look of both your bags. I have a raspberry mini from years ago. I'll see if I can find it when I do the fall handbag swap in my closet. I think the whip stitching was brown. But I love the tonal matching whip stitching on your raspberry mini. I think that's a rare treasure.
  14. It is still here! In and out of the box every other joke. Pathetic I know. Decisions, decisions. I am leaning toward keep because I love the color and when I think of how many times I have wanted a particular bag and have never seen it again, I may regret sending it back. I may go with the idea of keep and if another comes along one day that suits me better, I may scoop it up and sell this one. Knowing me, it will probably still be NWT.
  15. That is a good idea. I never think of organizers.

    Thanks. At first I was wishing it had the brown, but I do like the tonal. The brown inking shows through and kind of simulates the look brown stitching would.