Road Rules : New York City !!!

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  1. [​IMG]
    Rules of the road: (1) No raking women with your eyes; glance quickly and respectfully. (2) Offer to share a taxi rather than fight over it. (3) Babies in strollers get right-of-way—until they abuse it. (4) Still no ogling girls—c’mon! (5) And skateboarding, are you kidding me? (6) Not everybody loves your dog as much as you do. (7) No bicycling on the sidewalk unless under the age of 6. (8) Pedestrians can die of secondhand smoke, too. (Photo: Photomontage by Peter Rad)
  2. as for #3, please note that strollers are not meant to steamroll people out of your way. Also, your hands may be full, but you can still use your mouth and say "excuse me." One of my personal NYC peeves.
  3. LOL! that's great! :nuts: :jammin:
  4. :smile: That was fun!
  5. Rule #1 should be WEAR DEODORANT. The city is congested not to mention the subways and we shouldn't have to smell your stank!
  6. Haha!! I hated all of those things when I lived there. I worked in Soho, which is the worst if you aren't shopping!
  7. loved it. thanks for the laugh.
  8. Cute!

  9. Your welcome. :heart: