1. We recently moved to a different office at work. Our previous office was over fifty years old, and the office complex wasn't very well maintained (not airtight, plumbing problems, etc.). So we had bugs, of which I'm terrified. Our NEW office has bugs, too...we don't know if the roaches got in the boxes when we were packing, or if it's just that there are a lot of trees around our new office complex, or if the contractors didn't do a good job insulating the new place, or what. This office complex is much newer and better designed, so we thought we were leaving our pest problem behind. But this morning we've seen TWO and killed one (one we couldn't catch!). And and previously, additional roaches have been present. I don't understand, as the pest control people come out on a regular basis and were just here last week. So we started talking about roaches, and one person said, "They're everywhere, everyone has them, they just come inside looking for water." But I always heard that if you were extremely clean, you wouldn't have a problem with them.

    Is it true? Does "everyone" get roaches regardless, or what?
  2. I live in New England but I have never had a roach in my life! Is it a climate issue?
  3. clean, well-built places shouldn't have roaches!
  4. GROSS! We get them at my office whenever they flush the water pipes-which is about twice a year! Roaches are soooo disgusting!!
  5. Roaches are yucky. Not sure why they hang out.
    Our office has a mice problem. I just read the memo this morning..........
    What's worse?
    mice or roaches? hm.
  6. Ewww! I've never ever had a roach must be too cold for them up in Canada.
  7. Wow...I can't IMAGINE living a roach-free existence! I can't even wrap my mind around that concept. I live in the south, and we even get the ones that fly down here. And don't get me started on Florida's palmetto bugs. I hate nasty bug things.
  8. That fly?
    That just gave me creepy goose bumps!
  9. LOL They fly fast, too. It's so scary. Ugh! I'm laughing, but on the inside, I'm curled up in a fetal position, crying.

  10. Caxe - I am a landlady, so roaches & pest control are an active part of my business. Roaches don't just "happen", usually people bring them in, sometimes unknowingly. If you moved from a roach infested building, I am almost postive they traveled with you...happens all the time. They can also live in the walls if another party brought them in before you occupied the place, but given the senario it is likely they traveled with the company when it moved. It is very difficult not to carry them, they hide so well & so do their eggs.:cursing:

    We mostly get German cockroach. Each cockroach can lay an egg every month that creates 35-45 new roaches...not good. Here is a link to info on them & is a site where I purchase my products:

    If your pest control people aren't getting rid of them, someone needs to hammer them! I had to do this once with ants (used ORKIN - fired them later) until they got it right. It would be difficult in an office enviroment to get rid of them, but I am sure it can be done. In my apartments, I use products that have dessicants in them (like boric acid in a spray, it dries them up and is nontoxic) and a growth inhibitor (makes them sterile...very important) and I also use bait...less effective & must be refreshed all the time.

    It is more challenging to get rid of them in warm/humid areas like the South - but it can be done. Where I live it is moderate climate so we get rid of them & they don't come back unless someone brings them in. sometimes a tenant gets a "flea market" or used item like a mircrowave or TV set & that brings them in...something simple like that.

    Hope this helps!:tup:
  11. I live in the MidWest and have never seen one. I'm wondering about climate as well???

    And...I am SO SORRY you have to deal! Yuk...good luck!!!
  12. yikes, that's scary... i had no idea roaches were so easy to move around. In the northeast area they were pretty common in big cities like nyc and philly, but now that I live in CA I never see any roaches, or bugs for that matter. thank goodness!!
  13. Your post really DOES help I have some shred of happiness that we CAN some day be bug free! We commonly get visitors in the office for a variety of reasons, and I'm scared to death that during a meeting with a potential client one will crawl down the wall or something, or even worse--fly out at one of our office guests when they go into the bathroom! I'll share what you told me with my manager and possibly even the landlord here. I'm so afraid of roaches that it's unbelievable, so thanks a bunch!
  14. You live in the south...They're a part of life, pretty much. We lived in a very clean house in Southern Mississippi, with not too many trees around (we lived directly on the golf course) and we had the occasional roach in our furnace room, that came in through one of the vents. We also had them in school (the flying kind!).

    Bay Leaves can be a big help, especially in your office kitchen! Put a few leaves in each cabinet and it should keep them at bay (no pun intended, lol)
  15. Hmmm...just the regular kind of bay leaves that you get in the spices section of the grocery store? I never would have thought of that, but I will DEFINITELY try it...thanks!

    I work in foster care, and occasionally we have to facilitate visits for the foster children to see their birth parents. Well, one time this birth father told me that, when he was in jail, they would tie a string around a roach and tie the other end of the string to the inmate's mail, and the roach would crawl under the door of solitary confinement and deliver the mail. Then the roach would crawl back out and they'd do it again. And all the while I'm like, "How do you get a roach to be still long enough to tie a string around it?" He also told me that he'd catch them for fun, and that he taught his son (before he lost custody) to catch roaches too.

    What fun.