RN Mabel

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  1. Does anybody know when there will be more bags under the coming soon section?
    Reason asking, is that I saw a lovely RN Mabel at Westfield, and I was wondering if they would make the colour in Mabel hobo too?
  2. I asked a while ago and was told by the SA there was going to be a RN Mabel Hobo and it would be £695.

    Was the Mabel you saw at Westfield the regular size- I'd like a RN Mabel Shoulder bag?
  3. Gee a RN Mabel! Do you happen to know the kind of leather?
  4. Yes, it was the regular size. Sorry, don't know the type of leather.

    It looked fantastic, but as I said before, I don't suit the style.
    But, is looking forward to see the hobo!!!
  5. Oh dear, I don't think I will be able to resist a Mabel in RN...
  6. :drool:

    Id LOVE it if they did a RN Large Mabel in something hardwearing like goatskin leather .... oh man!! :nuts: