RMS Raw Coconut Cream

Mrs H

Oct 17, 2010
Manchester, UK
This stuff is fantastic. It's basically organic coconut oil in solid form- you emulsify a little between your hands, then massage it into a dry face to cleanse. It removes all makeup and conditions lashes and brows, and coconut oil has natural antiseptic properties. So it's good for acne. You then remove it with a hot washcloth.

This has done wonders for my skin, and a pot seems to last forever!


Jul 2, 2010
Transplated to Central Texas
I bought some coconut oil at Whole Foods, in the supplement section. It's as you say, Mrs H, in solid, waxy-like form until I rub it in my hands. Then it becomes an oil.

I love it as a face cleanser as you've described, but I've also been using it as a winter moisturizer right after my shower all over. I even use a little amount on my face. It smells so good, and feels absolutely wonderful. I think I look better too.

I put it on at night because it needs a few minutes to sink into my skin, and I am in to much of a rush to wait in the morning.


Dec 6, 2010
Vancouver BC
I bought some at famous foods as well, it makes my hands so soft! I haven't tried it on my face yet (I was worried about acne, but it sounds like it works!) so I think I will try it now :biggrin:


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
You can buy it at grocery stores in the oil section as well!


Mar 9, 2006
Charlottesville, VA
I bought coconut oil at Whole Foods after reading this post & I have to say I'm in love with it. I use it to clean my face & as a deep conditioner for my hair. I told my mom about it, and now she's hooked too.

Thank you so much for recommending this.


Jul 2, 2010
Transplated to Central Texas
coconut oil creates acne so be careful in using

You are right in that if you are susceptible to break outs then using coconut oil on your face may cause some problems. It's pretty rich at first until it soaks in.

I haven't had any problems with break outs, so now I've been using it on my hair as a deep conditioner. It's been wonderful this winter when my hair is usually parched and dry. :yahoo:

(I still stick with the proclaim argan oil hairtreatment for everyday use though.)

I need to look into this! I finally found a skin care routine that keeps my acne under control (cleansing with baby wash and moisturizing with argon oil) but my skin is SO dry. If all of this is true about coconut oil, it may be the answer to my prayers. :smile:


Jan 20, 2012

I met a woman a year ago who had amazing skin and she blamed coconut oil. It took me a year to finally buy some. I am in love!

Coconut is my favorite food. Love the smell and I love putting it on my lips.

I have been using it on my face (all but the more oily T zone) and scalp line for about four days. No acne breakouts so far. My skin feels plumper and moisturized. I feel like a pacific island princess!

I think it may even help me avoid sweets because it is like a treat for the senses.

I put some on my hair but haven't washed it out yet. We'll see how that goes.

The kind I bought was Natures Bounty in the vitamin aisle. It's just pure unrefined hard coconut oil.

What other brands have any of you all found? I think brands come and go - someone mentioned Trader Joe's a while ago but I don't know if that one is still available. It was less expensive than the Natures Bounty brand I bought at Target.


Feb 24, 2012
I just purchased Coconut Oil and am curious as to how to use it as a hair conditioner. For example how much to use, how long to leave it on ect. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!