RM - Wine more like brown???

  1. I was in my local RM retailer's yesterday just to check out the bags in person and I mentioned that I was on the hunt for an MAM in Wine since I need a red bag. The SA told me that wine is like a dark brown and not red at all and proceeded to point me to a Goldenbleu bag instead.

    So my question is: is Wine really like Dark Brown? Or was the SA way off? Should I plump for Berry or Tomato instead? TIA!
  2. i just returned the MAM in WINE because i wanted the MATINEE instead...the wine is a gorgeous deep red wine color, not brown at all...have no idea what she was talking about
  3. No, the RM wine color is definitely a vivid red. Perhaps the SA was referring to the eggplant color which is a dark purply-reddish-brown.
  4. wine is definitely RED, i just think she said that to make a sale and suggest a bag she had available.... :p which is entirely understandable
  5. Thanks everyone. When she said it I thought my eyes had been playing tricks with me all along or something. Heh.

    Now...the question is, where can I find an MAM in wine??