RM website shipping. Is there a coupon code for TPFers? +

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  1. It's $10 to ship the strap! I feel like I'm being ripped off having to pay $45 for a strap that SHOULD come with the bag anyway. I'm a little frustrated.

    Do any of you know if NYCers can pick up items directly from the RM showroom? I would rather just go GET it myself than pay $10 shipping. $35 was already pushing it for me. Ty!
  2. ^There are no codes as of now. All in all, I think 10 dollars shipping is not that bad at all. I understand where you are coming from but I must say that the strap is worth it. Comparatively, other brands have removable strap for purchase, like LV for example, whose straps are IMO an exorbitant amount of money.

    Edit to add: I recently sent out a dustbag to someone I had sold a bag to. The shipping costs were about 8 dollars; just to ship the dustbag in a small envelope.
  3. I don't think it's THAT bad either... I'm just a little frustrated with it. Especially when I live down the street. Any idea if she has a showroom you can pick up from? For example, where are they going to be having the sample sale in May.

    Thanks Gung! :smile:
  4. I paid $15 for shipping and 3 weeks and counting still waiting for my Elisha Strap!
  5. ^Patience is a virtue! :yes:

    Im sure you will get it soon! Which color did you get?
  6. I too had an "issue" with the strap/ shipping fee. I don't think $10 is that bad for shipping and was happy to pay it.. but I wanted to order two straps and when I adjusted my order I was charged double for shipping. That is what got me hot & bothered. I think if you order two small items at the same time shipping should NOT be doubled. JMHO.

    So I ended up canceling the second strap since there was no bargain for ordering more at one time I figured maybe I'd purchase it down the road.

    **This post is not meant to bash RM's products or website and I am totally in love with all things Rebecca Minkoff.. it was just a frustrating experience at the time and I hope in the future they have a different policy that encourages shoppers (& drooling fans) to buy more at one time by saving a bit on shipping. KWIM? Just sayin'.. :smile:
  7. I am still waiting for my pewter long strap also. I can't wait for it to get here to take her for a spin. The shipping is a bit pricey for bags or international but 10 is not TOO bad. It seems like it should not double to 20 though just for 2 straps.?