RM Wallets?

  1. Has anyone heard- is RM is going to do anything in the way of a wallet? I was just thinking of how sweet it would be for us all to have matching RM wallets with our RM bags!!:yes:
  2. Or if there were enough of us interested we could maybe let her know and see what the response is???
  3. I'm in!!!!!
  4. OMG RM wallets would be awesome! I would love a matching one for my Black Basketweave MAM
  5. I'd definitely be in for RM wallets!
  6. RM wallets sound awesome! Hmmm....a Morning After wallet! in Wine! LOL
  7. Count me in!!!
  8. ^Yeah! Im already envisioning beautiful wallets in vibrant colors like Emerald, Wine, and Violet, accented with silver and/or gold hardware. I would seriously buy one!
  9. Soooo...should we ask Rebecca if she is thinking about it? Or suggest that her tpf followers would love some RM wallets? Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Ha I read that and I immediately started to think...what kind of things would one carry in a morning after wallet...?:angel:
  11. One would carry those little breath strips and cab fare ;)
  12. Count me in :tup: I would love a matching wallet for my Yellow Nikki and Glazed Expresso Matinee.
  13. I'm love an RM wallet.
  14. an RM wallet would be GREAT! I'm in!
  15. Well I did it! I sent a PM to rebecca!! I asked if she has considered making an RM wallet as we are interested here in the tpf forum. I don't know if she reads her PMs. I feel a little strange about PMing her. I hope she doesn't mind.