RM trunk show NYC @ owlslab

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  1. Just got this in my email today. I don't have any other info, but I though it would interest the NYC RM fans.


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  2. :party:
    This is really exciting. I remember RM talking about this on hotspot. Anyone going?
  3. is the trunk show the same thing as a sample sale?? they are different correct?
  4. Ugh...can't make it...in Philly that day for a sporting event.
  5. I wish I lived in NY!!
  6. i'm going!
  7. i'll be there too! i RSVPed.
  8. do you get a discount at trunk shows?
  9. damn i wish i lived in NYC! RM when are you bringing your trunk to Atlanta?!?! :nuts:
  10. I am so going!!! Eeee!!! :yahoo:
  11. ^^They are different. Trunk sales are all of the NEW styles/colors, so I would assume that there would be no discount. A sample sale is the older styles, old inventory, etc. at a discouted price.
  12. DEE you must report back to me! I wanna know what they have ;)

    LOL take pictures! I wish i could make a trip to NYC for this!
  13. Of course I'll take pics for you!! As long as it's of the bags and not me!! hehe :shame: LOL... I'll make sure to charge my camera.... I hope they let me take pics!!!

    Omg... first the Saks thing and now this... I'm dying!!!!!:yahoo:

    I have no shame either... I'll wear my WINE mam for the Saks thing and wear my Tangy mama for the trunk show...

  14. ^^ But you're gonna have 7!! They all need their time to shine!! - two on each arm, two on the right leg and one on the left...that ought to do it...
  15. ^^^:lol: hahaha now THAT would be photo worthy.

    Dee, I can't wait to see pics of these guys! Tell us how the new styles and colors look IRL, and how the leathers are! ARG! Why do I have to live on the West coast?!?!?!