RM & tPF Collaboration: Phase II - Freeform Discussion & Attributes


tPF+RM PHASE II: Which design attributes do you wish on the perfect satchel?

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    Adjustable Straps

    2,192 vote(s)
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    Color Blocking

    348 vote(s)
  3. *


    120 vote(s)
  4. *


    423 vote(s)
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    554 vote(s)
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    Tech Friendly

    772 vote(s)
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    Whip Stitch

    187 vote(s)
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    Zipper Detail

    656 vote(s)
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    Zipper Pocket

    1,293 vote(s)
  10. *


    393 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. [​IMG]

    Phase II of the PurseForum & Rebecca Minkoff Bag Design Collaboration has begun!

    The people have voted, the popular choice was the satchel! From here on out, we will focus our efforts on a new, domestic satchel that will see the RM runway next February and will be available in stores in fall!

    The Task & Your Input

    For the next few days, we ask you to provide us with attributes that you envision for a satchel to make it the perfect bag.

    Let your thoughts flow freely! What would you change on your existing bags that would make them just right? Unleash your brainstorm! Share your thoughts in this thread and/or vote in the provided poll!

    What's Next?

    Your input will be evaluated by Rebecca and her design team and sketches of the prototypes will be presented for your vote in the next phase!

    Ready, Set, GO!

  2. Please, NO fringe, studding, or, dare I say it, whip-stitching. I want a satchel that is classic and can be carried for years to come, NOT something that will be outdated in a year.
  3. what is tech friendly, piping and whip stitch...?
  4. I totally agree. I generally want a satchel to be fairly classic. A few modern details are fine. Maybe 1 or 2. Color blocking, or maybe texture blocking would be great, and add the edginess RM is known for.

    Otherwise practical features rule for the satchel.
  5. What does tech friendly mean really? Pocket for cell phone?

    I just want a strap that is long enough to be worn cross body. And the bag must be lightweight, so no extra details like studs, fringes or zipper pulls just for decoration.
  6. I don't like whip stitching AT ALL.
  7. *~*This. Add to that, no color-blocking...I want a classic satchel with a shape/slouchiness like the Bal City or Coach Sophia...something slouchy but with some structure.*~*
  8. I'm guessing tech friendly means it can fit a laptop or an iPad or a Kindle comfortably?
  9. Yes! No color blocking either, please.
  10. I voted for adjustable straps, piping, tech friendly, & zipper pocket.
    I just want it to have really chewy, thick, luxury leather! I hope I can vote for that soon.
  11. I don't want a complicated bag at all, so that means no studs, no whip stitches, no quilting ect. The less hardware the better for me. I love bags that can be worn with all types of jewelry and sometimes when there is too much hardware on a bag, it becomes limiting to wear.

    I do love a front zipper pocket and a back pocket as well on the outside of the bag. Not sure if both should be zippered though. Maybe one should be a snap or magnetized? Decisions....

    I agree with another poster that it should be something simple like the Balenciaga City. It would be nice too if it does have to have some hardware, that it be similar to the regular Balenciaga hardware color. You can wear it with yellow gold, rose gold or silver! Matches it all. I am really loving the Proenza Keepall right now too because of the limited hardware. Would be great to have a RM bag similar to that one. So classic!

    For sure adjustable straps!
  12. i felt so blessed to participate in this voting :biggrin:
    cant wait to see the result !! YAY !
  13. A little bit of structure...you would think this is inherent in a satchel, but that's not always the case. I want the "Goldilocks" standard in structure..not too stiff and square, not too smooshy, but just right. So maybe some stiffer or reinforced edges paired with the soft, wonderful RM leathers.

    Ditto on the NO to whipstitching, studs and fringe (Don't get me wrong, I still love my stud rocker, but not on this one). However, I'd be interested to see how a turnlock clasp can be RM-ified.

    I'd almost like to see a satchel version of the Grenoble hobo!
    Yes, the more I think about that idea, the more I like.

    A nice bonus would be an open pocket on the body-facing side of the bag or on the sides that can at least fit an iPhone.

    A fun, slightly random idea would be some sort of secret or hidden pocket in the bag's interior with an "invisible" zipper, maybe for stashing a pair of earrings. (Got this idea from my Burton travel hoodie, but I think the secret pocket is for the 420-friendly).
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