RM store in NYC

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  1. Any word on when the NYC store will be opening? I am so happy about this development, btw:yahoo: In the mean time, which shops in the city have the best selection of RM's?
  2. There are many stores in NYC that carry RM - most are in the downtown area (or I guess they could be anywhere, but I only shop in the downtown area).

    Two of my favorite are, of course, Funkylala, on 9th between 1st and A and Shop, on the corner of Stanton and Ludlow.

    Also, Bloomingdales (both of them) and Saks both carry RM now.
  3. ^does the bloomies in soho have RM bags?
  4. This is great! I hope they open it in the downtown area too.

    Thank God we moved from Midtown to Chelsea late last year! :yahoo:

    It's so much more fun here!
  5. You're so lucky, Dee! I am still in Midtown and that's not likely to change anytime soon!!!

    With regards to stores carrying RM now, Saks and Bloomies carry her line. You can also try Owl's Lab -- they're having an RM trunk show --> http://www.owlslab.com/
  6. OT: But it's so crazy busy in midtown, isn't it? Our company used to be in the Rockefeller Center area and right across the street from where they tape the Letterman show. Everyday was mayhem. It's so awesome and chill in the downtown area.

    But... :back2topic: when (not if) RM gets any bigger, I'm sure they'll open a store on 5th ave or Madison Avenue somewhere. Especially near 57th street. That would be super awesome and right smack dab in Midtown.
  7. I checked out owlslab.com, what's with the price of the morning after mini in night? $637, that has to be a typo.
  8. thanks! I am on the UWS, but I do head downtown regularly. for any other upper west siders out there, I know that Verve and Wink on Columbus both carry RM, but they have a small selection. I can't wait for the NY store to open. It sounds like she picked great location near Bleeker and lots of other nice shops- I love seeing all of a designers bags side by side...
  9. Becky has said she hopes to open a store in NYC in about a year :yes: She said around Bleeker street.
  10. They sure do!
  11. :nuts: ->:wlae:->:yahoo:->:upsidedown:
  12. okay i'm going to stop by there when i'm in town!

    yay also for bleeker! magnolias!!
  13. So true! The day the RM store opens, we should all meet up and get cupcakes and shop our new favorite store.
  14. Oh.my.gosh. I would totally be down for that!
  15. Bloomies on 59th carries a good selection of RM too!