RM Spring RAOK Info & Sign up

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I have got us all set up and ready to roll so here we go
    Please send me a pm w/ your first and last names as well as an email address where you would like your invite to go:tup:. I set us up on elfster.com so once you receive your invite you fill everything in yourself and only your buddy gets your info. The sigh-up deadline is April 6th, so if you want in, be sure to pm me before then. I will send out your invite as soon as fast as I can and even if it takes me a few hours I promise I will get everyone in by the deadline who wants to participate. All of the buddies will be a secret until the you receive your last package. Your buddy can include a card revealing their ID or they can chose to keep it a secret:ninja: if they would like. The gifts will be sent once a month for 3 months and should be small items or handmade things. This is about fun, Not $$. There will be a reveal thread posted later where we can show off or buddy booty and hang out and discuss. This is going to be a great time for everyone so please get involved if you would like to participate. Your buddy will be randomly assigned to you on April 7th and I will post info here if anyone has any questions or needs anything.
    I am so excited ladies so let's make our first RAOK the best!!:yahoo:
  2. :yahoo:hey tater! I PM'ed you!!
  3. I just signed up to. This is my first RAOK and am excited.
  4. Thanks for organizing this tatertot!

    I want to participate, but I'm physically out of commission starting tomorrow till the end of the month, then again for the entire 2nd half of may, then totally off radar indefinitely starting in July....can I still do it?
  5. Check your email ladies. The first batch of invites has been sent!! I am so excited and also please don't post your personal info here. I will get back to everyone the same day you request in so send those requests:flowers:
  6. I emailed you! :smile:
  7. We can work something out for you I am sure. I want everyone who wants to join to be able to and I am sure whomever your buddy is would understand. I know how hard you tried to get those wine bags for a discount for us all and I feel you should be included for sure:flowers: I wish you all the best and hope all is well w/ you. Please pm me your info so I can include you.:tup:
  8. :jrs:Tons of us are signing up so keep it coming ladies and lets make this the best little spring tpf RAOK there is

  9. DITTO. We can't leave 3snuffles out! This is a handbag sisterhood :hugs:.
  10. Yay! I signed up too. But what does RAOK stand for?
  11. Random Acts of Kindness;)

    I have sent out invites to everyone whom I have received a pm from. If it is not in your inbox please let me know so I can send it again.
  12. word. :rochard:
  13. 3Snuffle won't be left out girls thanks to all you sweet and patient volunteer buddies! FlHunt said it best, we are a tpf sisterhood and we never:nogood: leave a girl behind.
  14. word we can't leave snuffles out! i've never done this before, so i am still KIND of confused, but i'm sure you ladies will break it down for me:shame:

    tatertot i've pmed you as well ;)
  15. Thanks everyone, you guys are the BESTEST! :flowers:

    I just signed up, so if you get stuck being my Buddy, I will try my VERY best to see if I can get to the post before I leave the country...even if it means gophering my BF...hehehe...if for some reason I get trapped due to job responsibilities and can't even get the thing I want to send to you, I promise promise to bring you something awesome back from my trip :upsidedown: (<-- I do not know what this emoticon means, I just like it)
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