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  1. I dragged Barbie out of bed to model the little bags and shoes that my secret buddy sent me. I didn't hire a stylist so she was not happy but anyway...

    Earmuffs, dark purple Fendi Spy and tan ponyhair boots:

    MJ Stam in teal and navy mary janes with stack heel:
  2. ^That is too cute!!!
  3. Riceandsoup, that's too cute! Great modeling pics by barbie! Yay! It seems like the gifts are starting to come in!
  4. Cool gifts you all! Keep the pics coming...
  5. OMG those are the cutest things ever! I love the mini bags and have never seen those before. The little Uggs and earmuffs are adorable also. Great idea, keep em coming...:wlae:
  6. Please post some pics for us. That is so sweet your buddy included a goody for your dog also. Between the book and the the that sounds like a wonderful quiet night at home;)
  7. I got my package today! I got the cutest black cosmetic bag with little hearts and some other fun little goodies! I think my bag is homemade because my buddy sent little business cards with her own website that makes them! Thank you so much buddy! I love everything! :love:

    Attached Files:

  8. ^^ The makup bag is so cute! Congrats
  9. Great gifts everyone. I can't wait until my buddy gets hers! :smile:
  10. That is such a cute make-up case and what a great idea to add a strap. I am always digging in my bag for mine and I bet a strap would make it easier to find.
    I love that we have such creative boardies:tup:
  11. Very cute little cosmetic bag!
  12. Just wanted to post a reminder. International buddy shipments need to go out by today and domestic shipments need to go by Friday:tup:. I am so excited with the first ship date here, we will all have buddy boxes to open by next week.:yahoo:
  13. How did you all pack your gifts? Did you just put it in a cardboard box and ship it?
  14. ^Richprincess, that is basically what I did. You could probably wrap it in tissue paper to make it more presentable or add peanuts if it's fragile.
  15. I wrapped mine up in tissue or small boxes and put them all in a gift bag to keep them from rolling around. I would think you could ship them in just about anything though as long as it was secure.