RM Spring RAOK Clubhouse

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  1. Hi, I've been reading comments but didn't want to give away any clues. So just to say I'm here and I can't wait for a package to come.
  2. I see a lot of the posters who signed up still posting in the other RM threads so I think most are waiting for the ship dates and buddy gifts to arrive before posting. We have tons of views and I have pm'ed w/ some involved who have not posted here yet so fear not, I think everyone is still checking for developments:yes:.
  3. I know just what you mean. I got the neatest gift for my buddy and wanted to post about it but then remembered that it would ruin the surprise:upsidedown:
  4. I'm keeping it on the downlow, yo. I'm not even telling you if and when my gifts are mailed out so no one can put 2 + 2 together! :ninja:
  5. I get it now derrrr! lol First raok so I didn't even think about that :noggin: I figured since a lot of people are involved in the raok, that they wouldn't put anything together since I didn't hint about anything that was in the package.
  6. Yep, my thinking exactly.
  7. lol, I so wish I had that kind of control.
  8. I'm also on the ROAK downlow. I'm not letting my buddy know when it's shipping out, but it will get there before the deadline!

    Also, just a heads up to my buddy, I got one of my packages last week, but as per your instructions didn't open it!
  9. On the down low, also :ninja:
  10. yes tater :P i can't wait!~
  11. Ok so I got my buddy's gift in just now. Its an adorable makeup case and bracelet from JCrew, I love it!! Thanks buddy!

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  12. ^Cute!
  13. That is such a cute case and I love the bracelet. J. Crew makes great jewelry and the pink is pretty against the gold.:flowers:
  14. very nice!~
  15. Aww! So cute! :tup: