RM Spring RAOK Clubhouse

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  1. 1st pressie of RM Spring RAOK! Jewelry Stand! *PICS*

    I came home from work today and saw a DHL package waiting for me! I thot it's one of my purse orders but after looking at the address i realised it wasn't! LOL! It's from a country i hope to visit someday!
    Anyway the 1st pic is my pressie all wrapped up in a nice rose gift bag! I blank out the name to keep it a suspense still! :graucho:
    The gift that i got for the 1st round of exchange is this cute pink sneaker jewelry stand! It's in my favorite pink too! U can see i tried hanging some earrings on it.. I must say it matches my mini jewelry cupboard perfectly! Thanks buddy! U r really efficient! :woohoo:

    I cant wait to see what goodies the rest of you get!

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  2. ^that is really cute! I love it! How ingenious!!
  3. That is so cute! I love the idea and how cool is that??!! It looks like a Chuck Taylor sneaker, I love it! Great gift buddy/
  4. Yup! I love it! It's something i always want but will nv buy myself so it's great!
  5. Aw piffle, that's so cute!! great present!
  6. Keep them coming ladies! I finally finished my buddies goody box so look for it next week mystery buddy:P
  7. Can we get a sticky now for our clubhouse please mods???
  8. that is so cute and unique piffleprincess! what a great gift! :smile:

    my buddy's present is going to go out tomorrow! i hope she likes all her stuff!
  9. ^^ Luv your avatar. Is that Leighton Meister?? She is so cute.
  10. that's adorable piffleprincess!!!!!
  11. Thanks tater! Haha, everytime I see your name I think of my cousin because everyone calls him little tater. Yes, it is Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. I am addicted to that show! I can't wait until the new episodes start! :smile:
  12. I want to know who my buddy is! It's killing me!!! :upsidedown:
  13. Hi all, I have been very sick the past few days and have not been able to be online. I got back to those of you who had questions and I am sorry for the delay. I won't be able to be on again today either (I have food poisoning) but I wanted to give everyone an update.
    Also please check your elfster if you signed up through them to see if your buddy has any questions for you. Thanks guys and I can't wait to get to feeling better and back in full swing:flowers:
  14. Oh dear Tater.. Poor you.. Rest well dear and hope you have a speedy recovery! :flowers:
  15. feel better tater!! :flowers: