RM Spring RAOK Clubhouse

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  1. ^^ It can be anything, you might wanna check your beddy's wishlist to narrow things down.
  2. If you PM someone, don't you give yourself away? We are not suppose to reveal to the end right?
  3. Can you PM within elfster anonymously?
  4. ahh maybe you can!
  5. yes you can. It gets sent to their email
  6. You can get any little goodies you want as long as you stay close to the budget. Also I can contact your buddy for you and try to get a wish list since there are a few of you who were matched Monday without elfster. If you are one of these buddies pm me and I am happy to get a list from your buddy. There is also a thread started by Gung titled RAOK gift ideas that you can bring up with the search feature and there are some great ideas posted.:flowers:
  7. Yup, everything through Elfster keeps it anonymous. They hide your info and when you reach out to your buddy through their message system no info is revealed.
  8. Although when my buddy PM'd me through elfster, I got her email address so I *could* look her up if I wanted to (but I don't want to, cuz I love surprises ). Is that normal?
  9. well my email woudl give it away as my email is my name so I won't be emailing or pming.
  10. Ohhhh, so I guess my buddy knows Im GUNGO then! =D
  11. LOL! I received the gift from my buddy today! Think i am the 1st right? Should post pics now or should i wait for everyone else to get theirs 1st? Btw i know who my buddy is now so the surprise element is not there anymore! :busted
  12. Awww, well you can still keep the secret from us. Please post pics so we can see your pressies!!! I am super excited now:woohoo:
  13. Your email will only show up in elfster if you entered it in again to show on your profile (where your addy is). When you send an anonymous message through their system to your buddy it is not showing your ID or info. Also your buddy is not the same one you have so hopefully it will be a surprise for some. I have no idea whom mine is and I think that's really cool. I can't wait to the end and I am stalking my mailbox already, lol.
  14. Your secret is still safe Gung. I know for sure yours can't be matched unless you pm them;).