RM Spring RAOK Clubhouse

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  1. Here it is ladies. Our very own soon to be sticky where we can post all of our pics from the exchanges, hang-out and chat and ask any questions you might have. The turn-out for our first exchange was awesome and even Rebecca herself has been buddied up. I can't wait to see all our goodies and hear all the wonderful stories.
    The ship date is April 21st if you have an international buddy and April 25th if your buddy is in the same country. Please let me know if you need anything and so without further adieu, let the fun begin:party::popcorn:
  2. Morning mods, can we get a sticky please:love:
  3. can't wait:yes:
  4. YaY!~ thanks Tatertot :tup:
  5. Thanks again for organizing everything, tater!!!
  6. You are so welcome:love:. It has been so much fun getting it together and I am so excited to get to know our RM boardies better and to hear all the fun stories.
    Some of you already have gifts on their way. Talk about super fast buddies, so check your mail soon. I hope you all have as much fun as I have been having and let me know if anybody has any questions.:flowers:
  7. LOL! This is so exciting! Talk about fast, i think my buddy is the fastest! She actually PM me to say my gift is sent just a few hours after the draw! I juz bought my buddy her gift today! Will try get it shipped by this wk! Thanks Tater for organizing this again! I had fun being a 'santa'! :woohoo:
  8. :yahoo: I just sent out my first gift today! I hope it gets there ok and on time!
  9. You guys are so quick! I am going to get mine out by this weekend but I am still searching for one particular goodie.
  10. Mine, went out yesterday too! Hope my buddy likes it!
  11. I wish I was out shopping for goodies, stuck at work during the week, but I have a list of ideas I need to hunt for. Can't wait.
  12. Wow you guys are quick!! I'm gonna get mine out soon, I just have to wrap it up nicely!
  13. I went shopping for my buddy today! Hopefully I'll get it shipped by Saturday
  14. Oops, I might have done some internet shopping at work.
  15. Question about all this.. This is the first time that I am a part of RAOK event, and I'm a little unclear about the type of gifts to buy. Does it have to do with hand bags or can it be anything?